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What does it cost?

The service is available for only 499€ (excl. VAT). No extra commissions or agency fees. You can keep your entire live income.

What do you get?

You get a whole tour. We arrange up to 6 gigs in different cities in North-East Germany within the agreed period. All gigs are contractually fixed and insured. It's about you in an intimate setting: a support act is only needed in exceptional cases. We'll book a local support for you then.

What kind of gigs to expect?

The venue capacities are up to 100 people. The conditions vary from show to show: from a door deal to hat to small fixed fees. No minimum ticket purchase quantities. No pay to play. Please understand that we cannot announce the names of the venues before the start of our collaboration.

How much revenue can you expect to making on a tour?

gigmit TOUR supports upcoming artists who want to play live, enlarge their international fanbase or simply want to cut their promotion and travel costs. Be aware that entering new music markets as upcoming artist is not primarily about making money. It should be considered as an investment into your future career as an artist. What you earn will depend on your draw and your promotion activity prior to the tour. gigmit cannot guarantee sold-out shows or any audience numbers. This is up to you!

What is "Acoustic"?

Most of the venues won't have sound technicians. Feel free to lightly amplify if you want to. But you have to mix it yourself in this intimate setting.

What about overnights and travel costs?

In some cases overnight accommodation is included. Travel costs are not included.

How to take advantage of the offer?

It’s as simple as this: if you want to play a tour in Germany make sure you have a convincing gigmit artist profile and apply HERE. We will contact you to clarify the details. The booking service starts right after your payment. We are quite fast. So once the tour is ready, you will get all information on the venues and the conditions. After the tour has been booked for you, please contact the respective promoter for further details. All arrangements regarding promo, schedule, stage set-up etc. have to be made with the venue official/promoter directly.

Recommendation: Touring ain`t easy! Do not underestimate life on the road. Please make sure you plan ahead and always be aware of the needs of your local partners. For your own sake, promote your tour sufficiently! Also, please check with your local Export Offices for existing funding programs, these could possibly support tours (travel costs, overnight stays, etc.). If you have questions about visas, legal framework, taxes, contracts, etc., you can contact Touring Artists consulting agency one of our trusted partners.

DYKNOW is an international live music series
aimed at presenting upcoming artists from all over the world.
Within this framework, gigmit books non-exclusive and commission-free tours at a fixed cost.