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We ourselves are musicians and music lovers – and we’re passionate about our mission to change the live music industry.

Here at gigmit, our goal is to get talented artists where they belong: on stage!

We have a strong and committed team that works (and plays!) well together. We are really going places. By working with us you’ll learn a huge amount in a short space of time. Our team uses interactive and interdisciplinary working methods across all departments, meaning that not only will you grow in your own field, but you’ll also get to dip your toes into brand new waters.

You’ll get loads of invites to concerts, festivals and industry events – there’s always live music on offer somewhere!

Our working model is flexible and even allows you to combine work with the lifestyle of a professional musician.

What to expect
A strong team
Your team members: Artists, Booker, Promoters, Vinylists – music lovers
Personal growth
Each one teach one. You definitely will learn a lot from your team members or by sharing your knowledge with them
Time off, Home Office or working abroad, Tools of your choice – no problem, let's talk
Music Passion
Music is our world, so be prepared for attending a lot of free concerts or festivals and receiving loads of new music releases every single day
Join the team
Don't see a position listed that's perfect for you but can't bear to leave the site without telling us who you are? Not a problem. Apply for a position that we didn't know we needed until you came along.
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