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Liverpool Sound City
Liverpool, GB
Fee negotiable (60 Slots)
Westway Lab Festival 2018 - City Showcases
Guimarães, PT
300,00 EUR (8 Slots)
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Alice Hills
Folk, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Jazz, Soul, Melodic
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
5,815 Fans
Seed to Tree
Acoustic Pop, Indiepop, Pop, Melodic, Folk Pop
Luxembourg, LU
Live Artist
3,715 Fans
Sun Arcana
Alternative Rock, Atmospheric, Rock, Alternative Rock, Melodic
London, GB
Live Artist
9,113 Fans
Acid Jazz, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Fusion
Amsterdam area, NL
Live Artist
6,509 Fans
Helly Luv
Pop, Dance, Worldmusic
Los Angeles, US
Live Artist
1,737,481 Fans
Toya Delazy
Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock, Electro
London, GB
Live Artist
463,478 Fans
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