5 things that drive promoters crazy

1. Arriving late

Nothing is more annoying for an event running on a tight schedule than the late arrival of a heavily publicised band – or parts thereof. This just leaves that the production team sitting around and getting more and more pissed off by the minute.

2. Being unavailable

“The number you have dialled is not available” – and now the first band’s backline can’t be set up. It really sucks when none of the other acts are available either.

3. No tech rider

Technicians love it when a band with no tech rider shows up. They get so excited by the extra work caused by last minute demands (“Erm, did we mention that we also need a piano on stage?”) that they might just throw in a free hug.

4. Wasted on stage

You had one job! Seriously, if you think you’re Lemmy and decide to run around on stage like a whiskey bottle on legs, you’ve got it all wrong. Nobody wants to see a hammered musician perform who can’t even hold up his instrument.

5. No invoice

Not only is this annoying for the promoter – it’s also not in your band’s best interest. No invoice, no dough.
So be on time and always available! You want to be at the top of your game, not completely lame.

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