Live Music Booking Pioneers
We are fun-loving, music inspired professionals who believe in live and team spirit. That’s us. Nothing less and nothing more.
We are promoters. We are artists. We are also graphic designers, developers, copywriters, programmers, cultural managers, advertisers, and lawyers. The explorer’s mind strives for diversity and innovative solutions.
We are a team with a mission: make booking easy!

Marcus Fitzgerald
Anna Lüneberg
Pedro Ricardo
Product Management
Andreas Kürbis
Lise Marie Carles
Marketing Management
Gabriel Kaindl-Hönig
CRM Management
Anja Winzer
Office Management & HR
Steffen Rudnik
Content Management
Lucian Gorski
Innovation Management
Sandra Kauer
Finance & Controlling
Christian Kessels
Finance & Controlling
Rodrigo Guerreiro
Software Engineer
Adam Gagyi
Customer Engagement Management
Adam Remetancik
Marketing Intern
Did we mentioned we are hiring?
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