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Every festival is unique, but they all have one thing in common:
Thousands of band applications
Often these can not be seen or hardly seen and edited. As a result, promising newcomers are often overlooked.

gigmit is not just a tool that makes viewing and editing applicants super easy. We also support the gigmit newcomer program Festivals financial when booking newcomers.

Applicant Management - How it Works

gigmit Hardfacts:

  • Free basic use of gigmit for bands and promoters
  • 45,000 registered bands and DJs
  • Top Newcomer Quality: More than 20% of the Reeperbahn and Eurosonic Festival line-up are registered gigmit artists.
  • Time saving when viewing the applications: What takes over 2-3 days via e-mail is done with gigmit in 2 hours.
  • The complete set-up of the tender is taken over by gigmit, without any extra effort on the part of the festivals.
  • On request, gigmit can also take over the preselection of applications and thus save more time.
Top Artists
77 Bombay Street
Pop, Folk, Rock
Scharans, CH
Live Artist
60,179 Fans
Pop, Rock
Live Artist
Pop, Electro Rock, Hip Hop
Hamburg, DE
Live Artist
Electropop, Electronica, Dance
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
The Love Bülow
Rap, Pop, Indie
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
11,862 Fans
Seed to Tree
Acoustic Pop, Indiepop, Pop, Melodic, Folk Pop
Luxembourg, LU
Live Artist
3,715 Fans
Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Acoustic Pop, Melodic
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
8,872 Fans
Rock, Punkrock, Indie
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
Hands Off Gretel
Alternative, Post-Grunge, Post-Punk, Rock, Garage Rock
Barnsley, GB
Live Artist
10,830 Fans
Vita Bergen
Gothenburg, SE
Live Artist
3,501 Fans
Local Suicide
Techno, House, Techno, Acid
Berlin, DE
18,824 Fans
Acoustic Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic, Pop
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
16,326 Fans