Things that belong in every live show

1. Say thank you

No need to give a full-on Nobel Prize acceptance speech, but saying a heartfelt thank you to your fans, to the venue, your crew, the booker, other artists, etc., can work wonders. It shows solidarity and contentment, and it will make other musicians or venues want to work with you in the future. Don’t forget that negative impressions tend to stick around in people’s heads.

2. Support your colleagues

You surely won't be the only act booked for some events. Be there on time, and watch other artists' performances too. You may be asking yourself: and why would I need to do that? The answer is simple: you can make new contacts, broaden your network, and it may even lead to new collaborations.

3. Advertise

For many bands, this feels a bit uncomfortable. But keeping your audience in the loop about your new album, your new single or your other new projects can really pay dividends. Are you on tour? Then tell the audience about your upcoming gigs. Think about what your audience would like to hear from you. Put yourself in their shoes, and think about what interests them.

4. Make a connection with your audience

Fans love personal contact and would do anything for it. So after you’ve played a gig, don’t jump straight off the stage and head out the door (unless of course you need to go straight to your next gig). Hang out with your fans, for example around the merch stand, or even on stage. Get them involved! Maybe it’s someone’s birthday? Offer them your CD. Create a connection! These gestures will help you expand your fanbase in the long run, and stay on people’s minds. Have people signed up for your mailing list? Then personalise your messages. Use social media channels to stay in contact with your fans. Post interesting pics etc. Make yourself some long term fans!

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