How to really boost your career

1. Collaboration

The power of a connected community is one of gigmit's main benefits for artists and promoters. Individuals have more opportunities when they join forces. Collaboration is becoming more and more important these days. Don’t believe us? Just look at the charts and see how many songs are written or even performed by multiple people. It can be daunting to reach out to other people and work together with them, especially if they’re a stranger. But collaborating has benefits in many ways.

Different people have different strengths and by working together with someone you make a more powerful team. It’s good to have someone to give you inspiration and feedback, helping you make a killer song that neither of you could have achieved working by yourselves. Of course there’s also the exposure that you get to their audience, which almost guarantees that you’ll pick up a few new fans. Exposure not only goes for their audience but also for the industry side of things. Working with them opens you up to meeting people in the industry that they know, which could include promoters, record labels, publishers and many more. This could mean a great number of opportunities for you, including a lot of potential gigs.

2. Be organised

If you’re extremely interested in the live side of things, that probably means that you like to get out there and do things. However, sometimes it can be very beneficial to take a moment to make sure you have everything organised and under control. To have all information about your project on one smart page is an important start. If your gigmit artist page is complete and looks good, you are already one step ahead.

Another example: do you have all of your music registered with the appropriate collection societies? PRS, MCPS, PPL etc… If not, you could be missing out on money from every gig that you do! What about the information on your tracks, like making sure that your metadata is in order? If you haven’t heard of metadata, it’s basically the information that is embedded in your tracks. It makes your music searchable, by for example genre or artist and can have a massive impact on how people find and play your music. Metadata is actually a crucial element to the next tip…

3. Get your music into film, TV, adverts, games and more

Music actually represents a massive part in visual media such as film, TV, adverts, games, etc. You might not have thought about it before, or maybe you didn’t know how to access that area of the industry, but it’s actually a great way of getting exposure and earning a good amount of money. There’s a lot to explain on this subject so we won’t go in-depth on it here, but there are many blogs to be found on the synchronisation of music to visual media (otherwise known as ‘Sync’). Here’s one to start you off.

If you’re interested in getting your music synced, Music Gateway is a platform that can get you there. The platform helps you organise your music, add metadata and get a sync deal. They also have a marketplace which offers opportunities throughout the industry, similar to the gig opportunities available on gigmit, but can range from anything like finding someone to collaborate with to opportunities like getting a publisher or record deal. If you like the sound of that, click here to try music gateway for free for 14 days and give your career a boost today!

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