Aleks Grey

Gigmit: Describe your music in 3 words.
Aleks Grey: Anthemic, melodic and upbeat.

Gigmit: Who are your musical or live-show role models / influences?
Aleks Grey: Freddie Mercury, Bastille and Mumford & Sons.

Gigmit: What do you mostly do when you’re not on tour?
Aleks Grey: I watch football, go to concerts and enjoy a nice show on Netflix…

Gigmit: What’s on your tour playlist?
Aleks Grey: Dagny, Sigrid, Bastille, John Mayer, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Pearl Jam and Tom Misch.

Gigmit: What are you looking forward to most on tour?
Aleks Grey: I am really excited to travel across Germany, seeing new cities, play our music and meet new people!

Gigmit: When and how was your first live gig ever? Which live show will you never forget and why - your own or another live-act?
Aleks Grey: We played at Etihad Stadium (Manchester City) before a football match in 2016… That was epic!

Gigmit: What are your personal must haves on tour?
Aleks Grey: My headphones, a good book, a good nights sleep and good people tour with.

Gigmit: What can people who come to see you play live expect?
Aleks Grey: We always aim to give a 100%, have a blast and get people dancing and singing along. Having a big ol’ party together!

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