INES#talent 2019

gigmit: What kind of music do you play, where are you from, since when have you been playing together?
ANNELIE: My three piece band ANNELIE is a bunch of Swedish producers and instrumentalists, and we have been playing in this constellation since about 2015. I myself produce all the material in the studio, then we put it together into a liveset. The description I’ve chosen to use for my music is electro ambient pop, due to the electronic base we work with, adding experimental fields and samples - all wrapped in a general pop format.

gigmit: What’s the weirdest / funniest thing that happened during a concert (either on stage or in the crowd)?
ANNELIE: Our latest concert was in north of Sweden during the beautiful Midnight Light Festival, and there we got to play in a bowling hall ABOVE (!) the actual bowling alley! It was so wierd and so much fun - like when someone got a strike they were all screaming and chanting. They made us feel like we were superstars. :) We also got attention and appreciation from the audience gathered in the hall, an absolutely lovely crowd.

gigmit: Who would you like to tour with?
ANNELIE: I would love to get to play my cover of ’Paranoid’ as an opening act to support the original band, Black Sabbath. Another dream act to tour with is of course Björk.

gigmit: What do you think about digitization and the music industry?
ANNELIE: I’m having mixed emotions about the progress of the digitalization; on one hand it’s good that the digital platforms have been opening up for a lot more music than ever before. On the other hand, it’s like a big big sea, billions of acts - and many of them have difficulties to break through the wall of music. Digital platforms also have trouble finding the right way to bring back royalties to the creators. It’s a huge problem that people want music and other culture expressions to be experienced almost for free.

gigmit: As an artist, how important is it to use digital tools (gigmit, social media, etc.)?
ANNELIE: It is important to find new contexts to get to work and develop in, and some of those are the social media and concert/booking platforms. I believe that you can find the channel/s that suits your music, and for some people picking up the phone is the absolutely best way of getting by. I find it positively challenging to see how my music gets exposure throughout the digital tools. It’s a good way to communicate across the boarders.

gigmit: How did you manage/are you trying to reach international audiences?
ANNELIE: By finding and holding on to relations and co-ops that can bring my music further out in the world; for example I am working with a couple of Swedish music organizations and promotors that help spreading my music to different parts of the international music industry. I’ve also found great value in the importance in keeping my personal relations alive when out touring; promotors, culture initiatives and cool people around!

gigmit: Have you ever thought of putting your music in commercials, films or video games? What is your feeling about it?
ANNELIE: Yes, I’ve done a couple of collabs resulting in commercial music for Volvo, Gina Tricot and other brands. I was sceptic for a start, but later on I realized this is one of the few ways to get by economically as a musician and artist (not always too many ways to finance being a creative person).

gigmit: How did you find your manager/agency/label? // Why don’t you have a manager/agency/label?
ANNELIE: Besides the business relations mentioned above, I’ve also started my own record label. Instead of waiting and hoping to get signed and approved, I started up my own platform - a small label which I’ve recently also opened up to a few other artists too. The motto for my label is ”The smallest indie label on earth”. :)

gigmit: Who makes the booking with you and how does he/she find it?
ANNELIE: I make like 90 % of the booking work myself, and it’s such a hard work. I am constantly looking for someone to do this for or with me, since it takes a lot of energy from the actual music making. Though all the work is also very developing; I learn a lot and I have almost 100 % control of the process.

gigmit: What do you use gigmit for and how do you find it helpful?
ANNELIE: Throughout Gigmit I stay connected with the people that work with matching bands and venues; I often email the staff to just recommend places to play at (or to avoid), or asking them questions to get advices from professionals in the industry. Gigmit is a huge hub where almost all the showcase festivals and venues are exposed; as an INES talent this is of great value for me to reach out to new destinations and parts of the music industry!

gigmit: Do you think that gigmit shows you events that you would not have found otherwise? And how was the application process for you?
ANNELIE: Yes, some of the places abroad I would probably find hard to look up myself. I found the application process as a way of defining myself as an artist, also defining the music and my niche. Aka = getting more professional.

gigmit: From your experience, what are good ways for new bands/artists to start making money with their music?
ANNELIE: Collaborate with others just to find new ways of exposing you music. Risk a lot, and invest in time, time and time. Also, rehearse A LOT. But probably, most of all, have fun and enjoy the process. If nothing feels nice, I believe the potential money making chances will decrease. As in, stay true to yourself.

You can listen to Annelie, watch her videos and have a look at her tour dates here!

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