How to increase your fanbase

You’ve already learnt just how important social media is for building up your fanbase. Among other things, Sony Music (gigmit’s partner) suggests that you should freshen up your channels and network better to advance your music career. Your Facebook likes and YouTube views are vital here because talent scouts use them to help make their decisions. So connect your Fan Radar – the more fans you have the better. The internet is full of new music. It’s therefore important to get noticed and build up your fanbase. And here’s how to do it:

1. Convince your local audience:

To start with, it’s vital that you conquer your local city/region before moving on to bigger and better things. By being extraordinary and assertive you’ll be able to attract local media attention.

PRACTICAL TIP: Create events on Facebook. Give out flyers in your local area. Put up posters, write to local newspapers, radio and tv stations. Write about your band and your gigs in the region.

2. Promo:

Without good promo, you’re bound to fail!

PRACTICAL TIP: Send out your press kit, demo and cool band photos to blogs, magazines, newspapers etc. Let journalists and the media write about you and add lots of different quotes to your band page and press kit. Make all kinds of new contacts.

3. Get noticed:

This is where having your own image is vital.

PRACTICAL TIP: An image says more than a thousand words! So create your own image and look, but stay authentic. It’s important that they match your genre. Take a look at photos of famous artists and compare their image and look with those of others as well as your own.

4. Your website:

The lifeblood of your connection with fans.

PRACTICAL TIP: Add everything that there is to know about you. All of your news, photos, videos, tour dates etc. And don’t forget to add links. Make sure that your website is both cool and modern, but at the same time clear and easy to use. Not too much and not too little - find that perfect mix.

5. Newsletter & Social Media:

As well as using Facebook etc, it’s also a good idea to share your most important news via a mailing list. Stay up-to-date and cater to your fans by sharing your most important and private news. But no unnecessary spam please! You need to convince your fans that it’s worth following you.

PRACTICAL TIP: It’s great that there are practical tools like Mailchimp or rapidmail available online. Both of them are ideal, simple mass-mailing services. But before you can send anything out, you need to gather email addresses. You can obtain these, for example, by having newsletter sign-up lists at your merch stand or at the venue entrance. This way everyone who’s interested can simply sign up and keep up-to-date with your latest news. You could also take cool photos with your fans and get them to give their email addresses in return.

6. Contact with your fans:

Stay real – and connect with your fans!

PRACTICAL TIP: Chat with your fans at the merch stand after the show. Take photos, get involved, be friendly and cool. Or connect via Facebook, Instagram etc by replying to comments.

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