A gig and its story

JEFFREY SÖDERBLOM and the SongsCon 2019

"Present yourself and your music at SongsCon Europe" was some of how the gig had been described, which was announced on gigmit on Wednesday evening February 20th, 2019. 10 exclusive slots at the Circle Stage in Hall 3.1 of the Frankfurt Musikmesse in Germany. Conference pass included. No fee, one guest list place, PA available. It took almost one month until the first act applied.

almost one month until the first application

A total of 120 rock/pop artists showed interest in the gig entitled "SongsCon Song-Pitch (3min Set!) @ Musikmesse" - including Jeffrey Söderblom, an unknown singer/songwriter with epic sounds in arrangement and voice. His surname is Swedish, his origin is Ghana. A native and a contemporary of Hamburg, here he’s put his stamp down and has just under 400 Facebook fans.

talent scouts in the audience

Jeffrey is booked and plays his song "Zeitlos" on April 5, 2019. This Friday, label A&R's, publishers, bookers, radio editors, playlist curators and endorsers like Yamaha and GEWA music gathered at the exhibition in search of new talent and potential signings. Among the decision makers from the music industry who give Jeffrey immediate feedback after his 3 minutes are Sat Bisla from L.A. who discovered COLDPLAY and ADELE, Leo Chantzaras and Andreas Keul from Universal Music and Tom Keil from Ultra. What Jeffrey doesn't know: the local A&Rs have the opportunity to give away a wildcard for the finals of the "European Songwriting Awards" (ESA). These will take place immediately afterwards.

from song pitch to support gig in the arena in less than 6 hours

Long story short: Jeffrey gets the wildcard, performs, wins the final in the category Singer/Songwriter and plays live as support of GLASPERLENSPIEL and MOUSSE T. in the Arena Frankfurt on the same evening. The release was on top as a prize.

Live is life. Find more opportunities every day on gigmit.

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