Meet Up #1: First impresssions

Got any questions? Feedback? Or just want to know how we work? Then swing by our office for a chat. We’re organising a series of meet-ups to present our latest innovations, with a focus on exchanging ideas and thoughts, experiential learning and developing awareness. We want to get to know you and gain a better overview of your feedback. What can WE do better? What should YOU bear in mind? Just some of the questions we’d love to discuss with you over a few beers, in a relaxed setting.

Only last week were we able to welcome a few of you to chat about topics like digital distribution and ticketing. We spoke about Sony’s subsidiary “TheOrchard”, a digital distributor via which our Premium artists can market their tracks for free. Or the fact that Sentric Music allows you to claim every penny of your music royalties. And so much more!

If you want to join us next time, simply get in touch. We’ll send you all the important info and organise the drinks. All you need to do is come and contribute to the interesting conversations!

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