5 key investments for your live gig

#1 Let there be light...

As an independent newcomer band, you must have found yourself in countless terrible lighting situations. That’s because many small clubs or other venues (which are not really designed for live music gigs) have no professional stage lighting. That stuff is really very expensive, which means that the owners would rather invest in something else. Even if you think that the venues you’re playing are super well equipped, it’s best to have your own lighting equipment at first. That way you can give your set that extra something, and you stay on the safe side. Whatever you do, it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Check out a second-hand shop, browse ebay or even just borrow. And don’t forget to try it out and set it up beforehand!

#2 Bring out the band banner!

You want your fans to remember you and your show for weeks, or even months? Have you thought of printing your band’s name on a banner, or projecting it on a big screen during your show? You don’t need to spend that much money here either. Use an old sheet as a kind of projector screen, or invest a few pennies in good quality materials and professional design.

#3 Spruce up your merch stand

The average merch stand is usually covered in records, shirts, posters, badges, and other stuff. That’s all well and good, but it could be better! Take a look at how retailers sell their stuff and how they attract customers. Some nice lighting, a well-designed layout or little additional decorative elements are real eye catchers and will keep your fans’ attention on your merch for longer. So get creative:

  • use a cool lamp or hang up a light garland
  • keep your stand tidy and well organised
  • place your table closer to the stage
  • offer free posters or stickers
  • leave out a mailing list so that fans can easily sign up to receive your news

#4 Keep it personal and creative!

Give your instruments an artsy makeover. Paint them in cool colours, add patterns or your band’s logo. Or turn your drum kit into art. If that’s not for you, and you’d rather keep your instruments’ original look, then try to make up for it by using other decorative elements.

#5 Visuals, visuals, visuals!

Enhance your stage presence by projecting something in the background - funny or eye-catching videos or images, psychedelic designs, logos, or anything else.

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