Why being reliable is so important in the music business

How often have you heard other musicians say “yeah that sounds great – let’s do something together” – and then nothing happens. That’s right – way too often. If you really want to get your career going, you need to stick to your word. Be a businessman! It’s not called the music BUSINESS for nothing. So treat it like a business: be reliable. Only by doing this will you be able to build up trust with potential partners and get projects off the ground.

Remember: reliable = successful

You’ve just made an agreement with promoter X about an upcoming gig. That’s great – now be professional: keep your word and avoid making empty promises. If you’re that sure that you’ll be able to fulfil the gig agreement, then it’s best to say no at the beginning instead of two days before. There’s nothing more annoying that not keeping your word and not meeting expectations (and this doesn’t just apply to musicians).

If you’ve just had a meeting with a promoter, A&R or other artists, made a promise, sent demos and then you completely disappear, or if you’ve been fighting to get that cool gig, and then finally turn it down – who do you think the club owner and A&R will choose the next time something good comes up - completely irrespective of how good your music is? That’s right – the reliable musician.

Trust, honesty and reliability are all important factors that will boost your music career. So keep your promises and meet expectations. And remember: behave in the same way that you would others to behave towards you.

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