A.S. at Sziget Festival 2015

Nick McRoberts has been writing music since he was five. It has been his passion ever since. Together with Idriss and Boris they form the fascinating trio from Paris called A.S. which is playing driving rock and pop songs and started their career with extensively touring in France and the UK. For Nick McRoberts authenticity and success don’t always go hand by hand.

“Even the most successful musicians I know have other jobs because unless you're a huge international star. It's very difficult to live from just music. The upside though is that with a "day job" you can make only the sort of music you want to make in the way you want.” (Nick McRoberts)

They already had an enriching experience during summer 2013, when they played a US Tour. In 2014 they had a gig at Liverpool Sound City Festival, where they got in touch with gigmit for the first time. The success story of A.S. continued: Sziget Festival 2015 was a big gig for them.

“The Sziget experience was fantastic. We were picked up at the airport, stayed in a nice hotel in the centre of Budapest with other artists, bussed through the artists' entrance on the island. The staff was hugely helpful and the stage and set up were just amazing. We did a sound check early in the day and then chilled out backstage. We had a fantastic set. The crowd was enthusiastic and we were invited to play again in the evening on the acoustic light stage. A huge experience!” (Nick McRoberts)

They are currently recording their third album and going back on tour in November 2016 starting in Germany.

A.S. on gigmit

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