Anton Maskeliade

"Any artist without management, a label or an agent can reach his goals."

Anton Maskeliade is an experimental electronic musician and producer who creates music and visuals using leap motion gesture control technology. He has performed at WAVES twice – the first time in Bratislava and the following year in Vienna, where he met influential people who subsequently invited him to larger festivals (Fusion, Pohoda, Beseda, Glastonbury). He has also played at the BIME Festival, where he came into contact with other bands and music industry professionals from all over the world.

“I saw amazing acts and had tons of conversations with great people from around the world.”

According to him, these gigs were the beginning of his big overseas adventures and future tours. He really liked the great conditions, the nice staff and management, and the creative atmosphere at the festivals.

“Showcases can lift you to a new creative level connecting you with labels, managers and awesome artists.”

Now he is working on his second album and music videos and is planning gigs in Europe and the USA. In addition, his side project - Maskeliade Street Studio - will release its third album soon. The aim of this project is to create music with random passersby at major festivals.

Anton Maskeliade on gigmit

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