Ida Gratte
SE Kalmar – Pop / Singer/Songwriter / Acoustic Pop / Melodic / Dance Music
Ida Gratte


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Pama Records a divison of Pama music group
Ab67616d0000b273732738516b69d9aed9b62ba9 05: 09 Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b273cdec5ad3918bc23533f49e9d Don't Tell Me What to Wear Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b2734c0e0511db0b1d4964ab4f20 Tralala Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b273531ce1461878eb71d5120fdd Don´t Tell Me What to Wear Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b2735b676a4af973dfd0fca9b7d4 I´m Ready Single 2016
Ab67616d0000b2736214290367725f6cf7ab0af1 F**ked up World (Unplugged) Single 2016
Ab67616d0000b2732d32368f4529747165dcc687 Fucked up World Single 2016
Luvehult Records AB
Ab67616d0000b27345e992c3acc51cbefac7983e Right Single 2016
South Nation Music Group
Ab67616d0000b2734b30b0522ca9a93dd2c62134 Pizza Slice Single 2018
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Press Text
Ida Gratte is in her early 20′s and a singer and songwriter from Kalmar in Sweden.

Her genre is pop and singer/songwriter. She fights for women’s rights in society which often shows in her song lyrics. Her strong message has been noted by both Aftonbladet, Expressen TV, and Veckorevyn. More than 1 million have watched her song ”Fucked up world” on Facebook. The song was also 2nd on Sweden’s viral Spotify list. 2017 she won “P4-Nästa” in Kalmar with her song ”Tralala”. And 2018 she released two new singles called "Buhu" and "Pizza Slice".

All her social media was hacked the same day as "Pizza Slice" was released. First she was sad and angry, her 9 years off work was gone... But after a while Ida decided that nothing will silence her. She started all over with a new name. So from now on her artist name is Miss Sister. See her new site, songs and future releases here: