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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Sintur Album 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Live From The Hidden Courtyard Album 2016
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Taste a fine blend of East meets West “gourmet” music!

Get ready for something unique sounding! East meets West in the carefully crafted compositions of the instrumental quartet džeZZva that presents its original music with a full-flavored mix of traditional American jazz music culture with elements of classical music and soft touches of modern pop and ethno music culture of Southern Europe.

An imaginative and skilled team of musicians provides an unforgettable musical “trip” for even the most demanding audiences and listeners. Successfully combining a modern and innovative approach to arrangements with traditional musical knowledge, the music is a well-balanced blend of strong songwriting and daring improvisation, always retaining a refined taste for melody. Their performances have been acclaimed in Slovenia and abroad. The members of the band also participate in other renowned projects and concerts throughout Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Italy, and Macedonia. Amongst these are: DC3 Trio, the musical cabaret Patetico, Vasko Atanasovski Quartet, Zdenek Billy Dixieland band, Kosica, Balladero, Murska Banda, Občutek za veter, Black Balloon, Thanx, and many others.

džeZZva was founded in 2010 by four experienced and versatile musicians and musical friends: pianist Dejan Berden, guitarist Iztok Rodež, bass player Mojmir Wolf, and drummer Miran Celec.

džeZZva musician’s background:
Dejan Berden is a music teacher and an “in demand” instrumentalist, renowned pianist, accordion player, composer, and producer with years of experience.
Iztok Rodež is an active instrumentalist – guitar player who is also very engaged in composing and arranging music for džeZZva and for other projects.
Tadej Kampl has been active in the Slovenian music sphere for many years as one of the most interesting and innovative jazz contrabass players.
Miran Celec is one of the busiest Slovenian drummers. In addition to performing in various bands, he has also been involved in educating young drummers for a number of years.