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U96, marketed by Motor Entertainment
Ab67616d0000b27371574ad63e9a604e59d8aa43 Dance Hall Days (Radio Mix) Single 2023
Ab67616d0000b2734ffd6b7875e25b91e6ecdc59 New Life Single 2022
Ab67616d0000b2732706b4e53e6a2a40b0338d43 Atlantis Single 2022
Ab67616d0000b2739ca05b7f9ba54016b24f9136 Ich, Nemo Single 2022
Ab67616d0000b2737a7e21d88d09e39e409a65de 20.000 Meilen unter dem Meer Album 2022
King Size Records GmbH
Ab67616d0000b273fe2ffe4b4a59e94be7322d7c Heaven Album 1996
Ab67616d0000b2735f3972578de887dc96d97fcd Replugged Album 1993
Unltd Recordings
Ab67616d0000b27337774e57d6014c48a6997254 REBOOT Album 2018
Ab67616d0000b273b5f5fb6a74a07e70c9224eca Das Boot 2018 Album 2018
Armada Music B.V. under exclusive license from UNLTD Recordings, Germany
Ab67616d0000b2730e1385b4ed48ed57cfdb9218 Das Boot (V2) Single 2021
Running Back
Ab67616d0000b273f32ba2752c60e8f2702e8639 Come2gether (Subtle Dub Mix) Single 2022
Kontor Records GmbH / Armada Music B.V. under exclusive license from UNLTD Recordings, Germany
Ab67616d0000b2736a1af8b93bcfec90a9c5a18d Das Boot (V2) [D72 Remix] Single 2023
Kingsize Records
Ab67616d0000b273ba1e6ddb740784567f202e58 Das Boot Album 1992
King Size Records
Ab67616d0000b27363ac9fa7ce968bcf2bb4bfcb Club Bizarre Album 1995
UNLTD Recordings, Germany
Ab67616d0000b27341395134cd606ea910c52402 Reboot Album 2019
UNLTD Recordings – licensed by Quattro - distributed by Warner Music Denmark A/S, UNLTD Recordings
Ab67616d0000b2739cbf32d7aac4aa209eb239b2 Transhuman Album 2020
RBK Fusion
Stefan Lange
One Artists Management
Hayo Lewerentz
Motor Songs
Petra Husemann
Press Text
U96 REBOOT Their hypnotic-magical techno version of the classic movie soundtrack ‘The Boat’ saw Hamburg band U96, featuring Hayo Lewerentz and Ingo Hauss, write music history in the early 1990s.

Now the songwriter/producer team has returned with a new double album: Reboot will be out on 29th of June 2018 and includes 17 new songs (plus eight additional numbers on the bonus CD), with lots of different facets and spectacular guests appearances by the likes of Neue Deutsche Welle star Joachim Witt, ex-Kraftwerk drummer Wolfgang Flür and soul singer Terri B!. More than ten years have passed since the previous U96 album Out Of Wilhelmsburg (2007) arrived at the stores, so it was high time for a new sign of life.

The history of U96 is that of a highly successful career, starting in 1990 with the band’s foundation by Lewerentz, Hauss, their former production partner Helmut Hoinkis and DJ Alex Christensen. Only one year later, U96 landed a major hit with their version of the title track of the box office success ‘The Boat’ (13 weeks at no. 1 in Germany), followed by the same-named debut album which immediately went gold and topped the German album charts. Its successor Replugged with its slightly more experimental style, inspired by electro pop as well as ambient and disco sound, corroborated its predecessor’s success a mere twelve months later, clocking up two more top 10 hits, namely the dance tracks ‘Love Sees No Colour’ and ‘Night In Motion’, as well as producing forerunners of the impending trip-hop wave with the more laid-back ‘The Russian’ and ‘Without You’. U96 went on to expand their stylistic range on albums such as Club Bizarre (1995) and Heaven (1996) and presented, along with their established techno base, also cross references to pop, trance, rave and Eurodance. In addition, the group had a top 4 hit with their single ‘Heaven’, a quotation of the Cindy Lauper classic ‘Time After Time’. Things were a little more quiet for the band from Germany’s north in the early 2000s, their most recent album Out Of Wilhelmsburg (including the single ‘Mr. DJ Put On The Red Light’ feat. Rapper Das Bo) being released in 2007. A number of personnel changes and the split with Alex Christensen in 2014 followed. The two original members Lewerentz and Hauss subsequently expanded U96’s previous recipe for success by live concerts and DJ Sets featuring a variety of guests. Special visuals in the style of acts such as The Chemical Brothers were developed for each song, so expectations of their tour in spring 2019 are high.

Along with the band’s classics, the most important songs from their new album Reboot will be at the centre of those concerts. The double album includes, along with its 13 regular tracks, a bonus CD with eight additional songs, among them six numbers for their 2015 EP The Dark Matter, previously only available on vinyl. The first single to be released from Reboot will be ‘Angels’, recorded by American soul vocalist Terri B!. ‘Angels’ has U96 catapult their 1990-influenced dance track with its catchy hookline into the present, supported by an atmospheric and audiovisually impressive video clip which was shot in Berlin. ‘Quo Vadis’, a way-out mix of techno and NDW with a socio-critical lyric about populism and the problematic current global political situation, is a spectacular collaboration by U96 and NDW star Joachim Witt. By the way: Joachim Witt presents his own, totally different version of ‘Quo Vadis’, occasionally reminiscent of Rammstein, on his current album.

The collaboration between U96 and Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) on ‘Zukunftsmusik’ and ‘Hildebrandslied’ is just as trend-setting – an artistically highly exciting liaison between three musicians who, despite the fact that they are from different generations, are obviously on the same wavelength, adding a kind of post-modern Kraftwerk dimension to the typical U96 soundscape. Without giving away too much: This cooperation will continue in the wake of Reboot, a full U96 album with Wolfgang Flür entitled “Transhuman” having been scheduled for autumn 2019.

So there’s every sign of a storm brewing in the U96 camp (to stick with the band’s maritime moniker). And the best thing about it: the wind could hardly be fresher and more invigorating than on Reboot!

DAS BOOT (1992) + Singles
REPLUGGED (1993) + Singles
CLUB BIZARRE (1995) + Singles
HEAVEN (1996) + Singles
DAS BOOT 2 (Double Album)
ANGELS (Single)
REBOOT (Album)
Das BOOT 2018 (Remix Album)
ZUKUNFTSMUSIK (Single) w/Wolfgang Flür (ex. Kraftwerk)
QUO VADIS (Single) w/Joachim Witt

Upcoming releases:

NIGHT ON EARTH (Single) ft. Amy Fasola
TRANSHUMAN (Album) w/ Wolfgang Flür