The Zeppelin 3

Live Act Rock Tribute
The Zeppelin 3 - Rock Tribute Live Act in Walsall

The Zeppelin 3 Short Info

We are a Led Zeppelin tribute band from the West Midlands who pride ourselves on being a ‘soundalike’ rather than a ‘lookalike.’ Most other Led Zeppelin tributes dress up to look like the original band but put a lot less effort into getting the sound right. We go to every length to ensure that the music is performed accurately, with all the passion that it deserves. Don’t be put off by the fact that we are a 3 piece; we get told time and time again by Led Zeppelin fans that we are the best tribute they’ve ever seen. If you really care about hearing the music of Led Zeppelin played properly then we are the band for you!

Past Gigs The Zeppelin 3

  • 03 | 2016 Black Country Arms, Walsall The Zeppelin 3 gig
  • 02 | 2016 Stumble Inn, Long-Eaton The Zeppelin 3 gig


  • Video The Zeppelin 3 (Led Zeppeli...
  • Video The Zeppelin 3 (Led Zeppeli...
  • Video The Zeppelin 3 (Led Zeppeli...


  • Walsall GB


  • 2012


  • Steve Evans Bass/Vocals
  • Jack Evans Guitars
  • John Evans Drums