The Sonny Bonds Duo

Live Act Punk Blues Grunge Noise Rock Bluespunk
The Sonny Bonds Duo - Punk Blues Grunge Noise Rock Bluespunk Live Act in Cardiff

The Sonny Bonds Duo Short Info

The Sonny Bonds Duo are a new Cardiff based band playing their own mix of punk/blues/noise rock, they formed summer 2015 with the main aim to drink beer, play loud and have fun.

Main influences are White Stripes, Jon Spencer, Dead Kennedys, Melvins and Immortal Lee County Killers.


  • Sound
  • Sound 01 Love
  • Sound 02 We Don't Want It
  • Sound 03 One More Last Time
  • Sound 04 Lost

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  • Mark Buttrick Guitar/Vocal
  • Jim C .Tre Drums