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Official Webpage: News: The Solitons recently released their first EP on digital stores (including iTunes, Spotify, etc) through Mimosa's Dream Records...

One of the released tracks, "It's You" is currently trending as the TOP 1 Indie hit in the ReverbNation charts!

For more info, photos, videos and audio recordings please check:

the Band:

The Solitons comprise of Stav Skouras (UK/GR), Marko Phillip (DE) and Varian Villanueva (US/Spain). They are all trained musicians that have taught guitar, drums and bass privately, in conservatories as well as institutions hosting people with special needs, such as sensorymotor disabilities.

The group formed in early 2014 after excessive auditions organised by Stav to find his perfect musical match. Stav had just completed his PhD on the neural correlates of emotional music using functional magnetic resonance imaging, as well as the composition of song material that can fill two full length albums.

About the name:

Solitons are self-propagating waves! Instead of fading out like normal waves, special qualities of soliton waveforms renew their momentum with every pulse. They can be acoustic, electric, magnetic and possibly electronic and transcend different media while maintaining their form.

Our group sees the emotion that inspires each song as the wave essence of the music that transcends from our heart, through the air vibrations, into your ears, brains and hearts, maintaining its form to manifest as the same feeling and expand the awareness of our common self.

We are the solitons, the solitons are the melodies; solitons are what you feel.