The Ills
SK Bratislava – Alternative / Postrock / Instrumental / Math-Rock / Shoegaze
The Ills


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The Ills
2d90344b3d8527a8fdcdc39d631f508dc93d12f3 Ornamental or Mental Album 2016
Ef19c530a1686f79a088ab654ad8e8ea38952361 Zoya Album 2014
92b62b8f543372d3bec163b082a827b635c636dd Splendor Album 2012
53907256013077db288ebcb4641f13a2ac00fd06 To Wish Impossible Things Album 2010
C744e1e181c919dbe5c43a07c02d9152f9af8b82 We Love Silence, But Silence Is Awkward Album 2009
Real Something
Tatiana Lehocka
Real Something
Tatiana Lehocka
Press Text
"An awesome expressive instrumental rock band.

I love them. I need their music."
- Kevin Cole, KEXP

"Ethereal and gentle one minute, dark and chaotic the next; here’s a band to stand next to Red Sparrows, Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai in depth and extremity."
- Clash

Post-rock, shoegaze, prog-rock, experimental - a lot of labels have been put on The Ills' music. It is their live performances though where it all gets together and their musical skills and intense atmosphere meet with punk attitude and almost hardcore drive.

With two guitars, bass, drums and no vocals The Ills have played at various places from small pubs and cellars through art galleries and clubs to festivals such as Iceland Aiwaves, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Pohoda, MENT, Incubate, Colours of Ostrava, DUNK!, Waves Vienna, Waves Bratislava, Wilsonic, Creepy Teepee or Rock For People.

The Ills have played in Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Czech Republic. They toured with Japanese band Tricot in March 2016 and have also shared stages with the likes of And So I Watch You From Afar, God Is An Astronaut, Russian Circles, Rosetta and many others.

Their latest album Ornamental or Mental has been praised and played by the likes of Kevin Cole of KEXP, Vic Galloway of BBC Radio Scotland, Klaus Fiehe of WDR 1 Live and Byte_FM. Moreover the band's music and live performances impressed media like Drowned In Sound, Clash, IQ Magazine and others.

Their track "4:17" was selected the Song of the Day on KEXP in March and both "4:17" and "Waltz On Mars" made it to the Music That Matters podcast as well on KEXP. Consequence of Sound even selected their concert into the list of 25 Most Exciting Performances At Iceland Airwaves 2016.

New album called Disco Volante / Mt. Average will be released on 19th February 2019, following a video release of the single "Squarevouscher" on 17th January 2019.

Selection of quotes:

"Post-rock, experimental, shoegaze, prog-rock - they do it so well! An excellent band."
- Vic Galloway, BBC Radio

"The Ills - a cross between Mogwai’s soaring post-rock and Explosions In The Sky’s widescreen grandeur. Watching the band masterfully sail through their rich, sonic maelstrom is a deeply moving experience."
- Drowned In Sound

"Sprawling post rock darkness, lightness of jazz and floating shoegaze."
- Gigwise

"…Slovakian quartet’s massive, heavy post-rock/math/shoegaze slabs more than rewarded (my) curiosity. Thanks to my stumbling and lucking into their instrumental swells, I felt like I was floating a few inches off the ground."
- Consequence of Sound, The 25 most exciting performances at Iceland Airwaves 2016