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SOIA - Hoe For Love

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Beat Art Department
C3069e18632573c744980ccc4ffb04ce59778892 Run With Wolves Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b273a020224e911af61f25e152ac Where Magnolia Grows Album 2019
Moo Latte
Ab67616d0000b2734b5b46a4ceceba4113801280 Switch Switch Single 2018
Record Breakin' Music
Ab67616d0000b273fabf98790c86b3507209c945 Mood Swings Album 2013
Record Breakin’ Music
Ab67616d0000b273eeb00fa7472f3a2c0c79b8b1 H.I.O.P. Album 2016
Arcadia Live
Nils Bastecky
No Management
Press Text
SOIA's happy place is "Where Magnolia Grows".

This is where her paradise lies, where she can bloom and blossom. Adorned with playful melodies, the soundtrack fuses HipHop, R&B, NuSoul and Jazz over saturated and ample beats. The downright lyrics offer deep insights into SOIA’s soul.

Together with her producer Mez she revives her musical roots of the nineties. The songs range between sensual soul and expressive contemporary R&B, neatly packed in a shell of electronic synths and keys. Throughout the nine tracks the beats make your head nod while SOIA’s voice makes you close your eyes in delight.

Released on Beat Art Department, a new sub-label of the well-renowned Munich-based record label Compost Records, WHERE MAGNOLIA GROWS is SOIA's third solo album. Her two previous albums MOOD SWINGS and H.I.O.P. were published by the Philadelphia-based label Record Breakin' Music.

Her pre-productions have been nominated for the Austrian music award Amadeus twice and enjoy a loyal international fan base. She has appeared live at festivals such as SXSW, Sonic Visions, Electric Spring, Waves Vienna or Popfest Vienna, as well as at numerous club gigs from Cape Town to Vienna. Thanks to NASOM programme (The New Austrian Sound of Music) she is currently on tour with her band of four.


“Viennese riser Soia matches impeccable influences to a desire towards self-expression.” CLASH MAG

„Einer der spannendsten Soul-Entwürfe der letzten Zeit.“ JUICE MAG

“Soia delivers sensual, abstract lyrics while effortlessly moving between spoken-word rhymes and melodic singing.“ OKAYPLAYER

„Soia & Mez have grown immensely over the years musically pushing the boundaries of soul & jazz within an electronically tainted spectrum. Brilliant Album!“ JAY SCARLETT / SOUNDS SUPREME / SPACEK

"Soia and Mez have had a unique musical vibe from the start, but on this record they truly came into their own. Trusting each other’s talents and instincts enabled them to expand their sonic universe while staying 100% true to their path." TRISHES, RADIO FM4


2013 Mood Swings (Record Breakin' Music)
2016 H.I.O.P. (Record Breakin’ Music)
2019 Where Magnolia Grows (Beat Art Department)

2013 Mood Swings (Record Breakin' Music)
2018 Switch Switch with Moo Latte (Moo Latte)

Features and guest contributions (selection):
2012 „Lost in Memory“ on BamaLoveSoul Presents On Deck (BamaLoveSoul)
2013 „Ital“ auf Ceremony on Raashan Ahmad (Jakarta)
2014 „Time's In A Rush“ on Tribe Vibes Exclusives (Radio FM4)
2016 „Snake's Head“ on 33 by Nery (Madluv)
2016 „A Letter“ on Black Maria by Voice Monet