Seven Mouldy Figs

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Seven Mouldy Figs - Alternative Alternative Psychedelic Rock Rock Alternative Rock Live Act in Zagreb

Seven Mouldy Figs Short Info

Seven Mouldy Figs (7MF) is an alt-rock band coming from Zagreb (Croatia). Band was formed in 2012. and is active from March 2013. In the summer of 2014., with a few changes, the band becomes a trio and continues to work in an experimental direction with Laura M. (bass guitar), Lucija (guitar and vocals) and Laura N. (drums and back vocals). 7MF has, up until now, released two EP's, performed many concerts in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia and Bosnia. Band performs only original songs in English. It's first album, Labyrinth, was released in September, 2016.

Discography Seven Mouldy Figs

  • 2016 Labyrinth Album | Self-released
  • 2014 Sound 008 Single | Self-released
  • 2014 18 HGF – Finalisti 2014 Compilation Track | Spona
  • 2014 Anger Management EP | Self-released
  • 2014 That little pain Single | Self-released
  • 2013 Anger Studies EP | Self-released


  • Video Seven Mouldy Figs - That Li...

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2,480 Fans
1,326 Plays


  • Zagreb HR


  • 2012


  • Laura M. bass player/ back vocals
  • Laura N. drums/back vocals
  • Lucija guitar/vocals

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