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Savage Music Inc.
E787309a5b5c98a6dfca39d5beec3e4d37c31209 Moove (The Lost Tape) Single 2019
4cad987be8362b10533fa12612da442f83817e8f Can't Nobody (The Lost Tape) Single 2019
257e2e9b9674f0ad1c55fdde2d000cc20d357afa Gentleman & A Gangsta (The Lost Tape) Single 2019
D710e56f3b2bd21d81d015ce70798c6d8988b983 Down Low (The Lost Tape) Single 2019
1c16a3298551d68c55bf8dd3f26821be02ff6272 Body On Me (The Lost Tape) Single 2019
F20d18e23fdb0e86f7d9d893bf339aa7f02632e9 The Awoodah Begins EP Single 2018
1bd05ce9d2851efa86701a527000faccff962d7c Alignment (Only You) [Remastered] Single 2017
F3030c57694a487278a6e57c5208a168c9bab6cb Alignment (feat. Rayce) Single 2017
Savage Music
D679637b018bb68d3f58c27b513a4f4d98072193 2Nite Single 2018
0dfecf1a2d785b39104b39fd8ef6030bb3830d0c Di Nkan Po Single 2018
93a8add286a2d6a647d4ccf4865b4864e40e66c8 The Awoodah Begins Single 2018
52f83be43eca80cda0f51f0ae8e7edfca8e7dd12 Nana Single 2017
Savage Music Inc Limited
D0e645f4c3daa7e1e72919ea519ae8c5382a123c Rum Pom Pom Single 2019
14d394aa59967e18225439876863d3bd8133c829 Million Single 2018
JahBoy Bailey Productions
284037ec3ba51f6968810fd996f631f9b3249814 Tight Single 2017
Savage Music (UK)
27d39db63b99e330c543c6964cc3caa3c6b133d3 Koko Single 2017
Savage Music UK
5d022163a2125f2bb3d632652e2d5c19f69a426b Bam Bam Single 2018
Alexander Roberts
6a7c3a5a2f439812d891abfddb33fc09af4329bc Bend Ova (Freestyle) Single 2019
Sean Dampte
92896764cbb0c46f0a611fc8b17795359e66710d Come Single 2019
97f74120e13021927c76c0b2394df49f5ff45443 Handle It Single 2019
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Press Text
2019 is turning out to be a break out year for the Nigerian born Afro Calypso super star Sean Dampte.

Sean Dampte has already taken Africa by storm with his perfect concoction of Afrobeat and World Music. Known in his home country of Nigeria for music that guarantees to get everyone up and on the dancefloor, Sean Dampte is brought his untamable groove to the UK. Citing influences such as Warren G, Wale, Sean Paul and LL Cool J, Sean Dampte successfully blends all he has learned from his muses with his African heritage. Having worked with industry professionals such as Tay Dizm and with significant backing from YoRaps, Sean Dampte is constantly creating and building on an already impressive career.
Sean Dampte released his debut music compilation titled The Awoodah Begins EP on December 3rd, 2018.
Fans are already rating this as the best body of work yet from an Afro Pop act. Judge for yourself!
With over 6 singles in 2019, Sean Dampte is becoming a force we have to reckon with.
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This page is where all who believe in more than mediocrity. This is for those who answer the call of AWOODAH!! Fans, friends and Family all.