Revista do Samba
BR São Paulo – Worldmusic / Pop / Melodic / Samba / percussion
Revista do Samba


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Independent - distribution Trattore
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Samba do Revista Album 2014
Les Disques Bien - France
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Hortênsia du Samba Album 2011
Atração/Cachuera - Brazil
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Revista Bixiga Oficina do Samba Album 2006
Traumton - Germany
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Outras Bossas Album 2005
Traumton/RobDigital - Germany/Brazil
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Revista do Samba Album 2002
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r e v i s t a do samba it’s a trio integrated by Letícia Coura, voice and cavaquinho, Beto Bianchi, guitar and voice and Vitor da Trindade, percussion and voice.

"Less is more fits really well for this small ensemble, specialist in many of the different styles and nuances of samba rythms”. Carlos Callado

After touring, playing the songs of the greatest composers of Brazilian samba, always seeking to unite tradition with contemporary language, Revista do Samba released its fifth career CD "Samba do Revista" (Independent - national/international distribution by Tratore), now also exploring its own compositions, created over the years of successful career, during concerts in Brazil and festivals on four continents. In addition to songs of the greatest composers of Brazil ever the new album brings songs of its members (Leticia Coura - voice / cavaquinho , Beto Bianchi - guitars and vocals, and Vitor da Trindade - percussion and vocals) and partnerships with the poet Solano Trindade , Marcia David , Carina Iglecias and Adriana Capparelli and sambas of Osvaldinho da Cuíca and Seu Maninho da Cuíca , masters of samba and longtime trio partners.

Recently toured in São Paulo state with the project "10 Years of Revista do Samba", with support of Secretary of State for Culture. On its tours, it performed in Brazil , Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia and Africa - such as the opening of Bar Brahma São Paulo - Brasil, 2002, Karneval der Kulturen – Berlin - Germany – 2002, Strictly Mundial 2003 – Marseille, France - 2003, APAP – Nova York – USA – 2004, Stimmen04 (Germany), Val Latina and Parq La Villete, Jazz à Vienne – France 2005 (Année du Brésil en France), Minta Festival (Tel Aviv – Israel 2005), Samba Syndrom 2005 by invitation of Landesmusik Akademie de Berlim, Germany, masterclasses of guitar, percussion and cavaquinho on samba, SESCs of the state of São Paulo - Brazil, Lakasa – Point-a-Pitre – Guadeloupe – French Isles – Caribean – 2005, World of Performing Arts Festival - Pakistan 2006, Teatro Rival Petrobras – Rio de Janeiro 2006, Førde Folk Music Festival – Norway – 2006, Teatro Oficina – São Paulo, Festival Village Tropical – Genéve – Swiss - 2007, Festival Latino – Torino – Italy 2007, Festival du Désert – Oasis Merzouga, Morocco – 2007, Festival Mawazine – Rabat – Morocco – 2007, Virada Cultural Paulista - Mogi das Cruzes and Assis -, and Belo Horizonte 2008 e 2009, Brazilian All Stars in Seul, South Korea, 2009, Café de la Musique, Paris - France 2011. Em 2014 released its new album - Samba do Revista - at CentoeQuatro in Belo Horizonte/MG.