Ras Paulo & The Family-Band
DE Ghana – Reggae / Vocal / Easy Listening / Acoustic / Ska
Ras Paulo & The Family-Band


Give a Little Bit of You - Live
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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder XTra Album 2020
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Grata Persona Album 2019
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Freedom Deliver Album 2015
Ras Music
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder MUSICA EP 2014
B52cefc64e5a350b53400b19eb5adb7105d39d13 A Little Boy Bidibida Single 2013
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Where Happiness Lives? Single 2005
7668fbf5c576093fc0c120c1c2279db9ffc68f39 Where Happiness Lives? Single 2011
G.L - Control )
31b7ea349db1e35297420e9c64a438f3f1772b65 Youth Single 2011
G.L / Ras Paulo
Cece2fc921ab0f7246d568351b68ac92c15ebae9 Inna Berlin (Music Culture) Single 2013
C209272e3ca8e319c21c6d03a54e4cc651fe0cd3 MUSICA (Music from the Heart) Single 2014
G. Lopes
2c0a0d39f4680d951d52c224a80bdb3fa399d709 Lisboa (Remastered) Single 2015
Music Promotion Forwards
767dcb9e66ab0b1f66c12bc695d59285d4b45dd6 MICROPHONE Album 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Grata Persona Album 1999
Ras Music
G. Lopes
Paulo and Family
Music Promotion Forward
Press Text
Ras Paulo is very loud exactely Live - go Youtube see how it is how Ras do it.

Ehh you surprise me!!!

A trustful singer songs writer and Performer, Analog music
Reggae Artist from Cape Verde Islands Crossing the boarder with my song list.

Original, u will have your mind and soul in trance and on the beach,
you will love Ras Paulo music and you will play his songs again and again.
Original Talent.

Making progress writing Lovely songs and loving performances.
Developing music attention from People in the circle Feeling
the cool breeze of the atlantic ocean.

Ras Paulo is a inspirational Artist for Newcomers.
the sound we love.
A voice that speaks spiritually to the soul of all

Albums best, journey through the stage performer with right message,
right arguments massive followers
We propose good live Show.

With the spirit of music remarkable songs, never bad critics.
Feeling great to present his 9th album release
Clear Lyrics rhytm strong fine vocals never out of fashion,
in English or Slang
You never go tired good vibes Always Performance
Every single tone the flowing vibes of Jah Ras Paulo, soul feelings.

Rhythm cool gaps, deep Bass line
and steady Drum kick like heartbeat, Electric or unplugged.
Never boring but convincional and Profissional.

Ras Paulo & The Family is a Live Band
Very experienced on stage.