Platon Karataev
HU Budapest – Indie/Alternative / Folk Rock / Psychedelic Rock
Platon Karataev


Platon Karataev - Ocean (Official Music Video)

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Platon Karataev
Ab67616d0000b2730ea272928a704db0bf1170df Wolf Throats Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273ca03899af5e6fc41edf1ae7b Wide Eyes Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273a97c77457e7a077eb6d0c103 Atoms Album 2020
Ab67616d0000b273e0decef4cf28fba66fc5fda2 Ldy Mcbth Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b273aa1463c9dce9afa883df335c Ocean Single 2018
Ab67616d0000b273479db0b58daeacbbba239297 The Season Of Singing Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b2737aa76137d6d67011413bf775 For Her LP - part I Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b27309287ecfaccca815fe669ef2 Light Trap Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b27315f06064688a8b5f0316d4df For Her - Part II Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b273183c0ab11a96b3fc5c6f1694 For Her Album 2017
Ab67616d0000b27326b57bfd1604c71fae72dec5 Orange Nights Single 2016
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Atoms Album 2020
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder For Her Album 2017
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Orange Nights EP 2016
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Szabolcs Czeglédi
Press Text
Platon Karataev, named after a Leo Tolstoy character, was formed in 2016.

The Budapest-based band released Orange Nights EP in October 2016. Their first single, 'Elevator' received huge attention, it was ranked no. 4 on Spotify’s German viral top50 playlist and it was among the tracks in the UK viral playlist, too.

In 2017 their debut LP, For Her was released in three parts. The album not only received positive feedback from local critics but also brought along new international followers, which resulted in Platon Karataev becoming one of the most streamed Hungarian artists. In less than a year, For Her was streamed more than 4 million times on Spotify, mostly from Germany, the UK, and the USA. The band is currently working on their second album, 'Atoms' which will be released in 2020.

Besides recording their new material they are also starting to engage with their international audience - in October 2018 they performed at Zandari Festa in South Korea, which festival was followed by the band’s first Europe tour. Furthermore, the band was recently selected as an INES#talent 2019. Within this programme, out of 3000 applicants, 100 emerging bands where chosen to perform at various European showcase festivals. Platon Karataev was also selected into the HOTS (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes) shortlist, which organization promotes fresh, emerging Hungarian music on an international level. Since then the band also played at Reeperbahn, Liverpool Sound City, and Waves Vienna Festivals.