Phill McMurtry
GB Northampton – Alternative / Progressive Rock
Phill McMurtry


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02 Jun / 2023 Phill McMurtryt And The Nation The Little Theatre, Leicester, GB
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Phill McMurtry
Ab67616d0000b2738b15e164f515ba6e91e0a252 Why can't I be like you? (Radio Edit) Single 2023
Ab67616d0000b273f5eb9840277689ac7ec3b7cf We're Strong (Radio Edit) Single 2023
Ab67616d0000b27349f4806085048a859ab77826 Sea of clouds Album 2021
Ab67616d0000b27367ebcba4d120369d0499b06f Kingdom: The Musical Album 2017
Kuiper Belt Productions
Max Stone
Kuiper Belt Productions
Fred Black
Kuiper Belt Productions
David Smith
Press Text
PHILL MCMURTRY AND THE NATION ============================== Showcasing the original music from a brand new Rock Musical – KINGDOM.

Get ready for blast-off and let this 6-piece band take you on a journey like no other. Written by Phill McMurtry, the full stage show is debuting in 2024 under investment but for now, the band will be playing all the songs from the musical tonight, so strap yourselves in, pin your ears back and be prepared to get involved and receive a new, exciting and very different sound.

Introducing an eclectic mix of immensely talented musicians whose paths have taken them down some amazing roads and who now come together as 'Phill McMurtry and The Nation'. All band members are artists in their own right and their experience includes a West End performer, an international vocal coach, a composer/producer/engineer, a music director, a music teacher, a supporting artist to some well known bands, a seasoned professional and a session musician...oh, and the band backing track brainbox, Max!

We know you will enjoy this evening of newly discovered music. Come on board and enjoy the ride... you know you want to!

The Band

Alicia & Kristina (Vocals)

Phill (Keys)

Luigi (Lead/Rhythm Guitar)

Aron (Lead/Rhythm Guitar)

Bruno (Bass Guitar)