Nine Foot Brian
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Nine Foot Brian


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Nine Foot Brian are a 3 piece rock band from Liverpool, UK.

Formed in 2018 band members, Ian Bibby (Drums), Martyn Carson (Guitar/Vocals) and Brian Hill (Bass) all share the same passion for writing songs that combine technical guitar riffs and thought provoking lyrical content.. Influenced by bands/artists such as Reuben, Silverchair, Biffy Clyro and Jamie Lenman their music

Having a great first full year in 2019, Nine Foot Brian were ready in 2020 to start playing their first UK based Music Festivals and having a full diary of gigs however due to the Global pandemic these shows were obviously cancelled and due to be re-arranged for 2021.

Due to start recording their debut E.P in 2021 the band are looking forward for what lies ahead. Guitarist and Lead Singer, Martyn Carson, had this to say:

"Obviously due to the Covid 19 restrictions placed upon the live music scene in the UK we were gutted to not be playing live much throughout 2020, the handful of shows we got to play were great and meant a lot to us as a band. Looking ahead into 2021 and 2022 I can't wait to get back out there and show everyone what we've been working on. We have new songs for our set and will be recording our first E.P, which we're all really excited about as well"

" Liverpool’s Nine Foot Brian made light of this being really early in their gigging career by delivering a punchy six-song set that indicated they are heading for bigger venues and headlining status.

With two deeply personal and affecting songs in Forget Who He Was and When I Was Young in the middle making an effective counterpoint to the pop/rock dynamics of the other four tunes they moved smoothly through their set before an appreciative audience.

By the time they closed with 1991 I was beginning to suspect I won’t be watching them in venues as small as the Jacaranda basement too much longer, which is a pity – although not for them." - See You Down The Front