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Nahty - Alternative Rock Live Act in Niš

Nahty Short Info

Nahty is an alternative/art rock band formed in Niš, Serbia. They are known for expressive female vocals and explosive live performances. Their style has a variety of influences ranging from Krautrock and New Wave to Post-punk and Alternative music. Nahty consists of musicians who have strong artistic and eclectic musical backgrounds, as they were involved in different bands and music projects. They performed in clubs and at international festivals along with some of the prominent bands of Serbian underground music scene. The video for the song “On Fire” aired on local and regional television stations as well as the television program MTV.

Discography Nahty

  • 2015 Hunter Single | B.A.U.K.
  • 2014 Bored Single | B.A.U.K.
  • 2012 Silence In Your Mouth Album |


  • Video Nahty - On Fire


  • Niš RS


  • 2004


  • Kristina Pavlović vocal
  • Ivan Milosavljević guitarist
  • Marko Naskov drummer
  • Petar Milosavljević bass player
  • Aleksandar Stošić guitarist