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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Castro Verdi Album 2018
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Molho Creación cultural
iago corral
Molho Creación cultural
iago corral
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Camille Hèdouin is a sound artisan.

Born in France, but an adopted Galician, she has been using her voice to play in jazz, electronic and folk bands since the age of 15. It was in Galicia where she started to experiment with loops and samplers to become the artist she is today. Her creations are collages of textures, shapes and colours that result in Mounqup's sonic landscapes.
She composes in the complete solitude of her home in the middle of the mountains in A Bola (Celanova), among her family and experimenting with materials that she comes across in her surroundings. However, all makes sense in the live shows. From a cold and arid wasteland, sonic jungles are created adding multiple elelements that flow into a sensorial catharsis. Few artists represent so well the mixture of cultural heritages, and the commitment to them through influences that dwell from African beats to the boldest Nordic experimentation.

Proba de Son (2017), recorded in the laboratory of César "El Pana" in Carballiño together with the local label from Ourense MOLHO. It has 10 songs that define this first stage in the artist's career. A gathering of suggesting melodies which are born from the soil to meet the modern times. Songs that talk about the social issues which creep up on us and the visions that flow from the guts of a person submerged in Nature's ways by her own accord. A vital essay through music.

Mounqup is a secret of the Galician scene, who after many gigs in venues and festivals, starts her venture with Proba de Son (MOLHO 2017)

After many months working together MOLHO/Mounqup have managed to participate in some of the most important festivals in Galicia (Festival Internacional de Cine de Ourense, Atlantic Fest, O Marisquiño, WOS Festival,...) in small festivals as Festival Sea Sons, Festival Corpo a Terra, Festival dos Eidos, Festival Ao Compaz...and in venues as Liceo Mutante in Pontevedra, Nave 1939 in A Coruña, Contrabajo Vigo, El Pueblo Café Cultural in Ourense.

Thanks to this work and the great response to the live shows, Camille has won the NARF award to the Best Galician Artist Of The Year, reaching the number one in the Mondosonoro magazine record list. She is also the composer of the opening music for the Radio 3 cinema program "El Séptimo Vicio" with Javier Tolentino.

And it is time now in 2018 to take on the state, with a tour starting in January and passing through Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid, Valencia, Oviedo, Salamanca. In addition to a Portuguese tour and festivals such as Superbock UNDER Fest in Vigo, SOUND ISIDRO Madrid, Festival do Noroeste in A Coruña and WOMAD Cáceres.
Her second album "Castro Verde" will be released in April 2018. A turn of the screw to the rural electronic sound, fully self produced and self managed by the couple MOUNQUP/MOLHO.