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C04ae3f4a377d2dde08427e7ed1d9520912c403f The Resurrection of Mörk Single 2019
4db108680e7d527a408639284b2153b041a194ce SuperSize Live Sessions Single 2018
74c823980b82761dfa4953e9d32a42d264e60acf The Death of Mörk Single 2018
Ef2639e9172ea605bd02008a72e4b2f6599ddb54 You Are Free to Choose Album 2016
Schubert Music
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder SuperSize Live Sessions EP 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder You Are Free To Choose Album 2016
0c9f3c67d7219e4c85b3b26fd8cda337b956e147 Overrated Bpl Single 2017
Wizard Promotions
julia frank
UP Music Budapest
denes pecsi szabo
Press Text
Mörk (H, D) Psychedelic Soul A hand-drawn circle with a line on top introducing a sound you wouldn’t expect from Hungary, that is too catchy to be Jazz, too diverse to be Pop, too groovy to be Indie, too trippy to be Funk, too deep to be party, yet too weird to be taken seriously.

Mörk’s explosive Soul and Funk based performance is a musical journey through a micro-universe of different styles, sounds, emotions, stories, characters and philosophical questions. Uncompromised self-expression, improvisation and audience participation are always to be expected!

Mörk are:
Mark Zentai (vocals)
Gabor Novai Jr. (keys)
Jason Balint Szeifert (bass, guitar)
Daniel Ferenc Szabo (drums)

The four band members became friends during their jazz studies and have quickly found their way into the heart of Budapest's underground music scene by playing in people's living rooms and unusual venues (e.g. a climbing hall, a Chinese teahouse, a kinder garden etc.) first before hitting the stages of prestigious clubs and festivals such as the A38 Ship, Akvárium Club, Budapest Park and Sziget.
Since then Mörk have played at numerous international showcase festivals including Eurosonic Noorderslag, Reeperbahn Festival, Mondo NYC, Waves Vienna, Tallinn Music Week and Spring Break Poznan and have toured both in Hungary and Germany, introducing their new double EP: The Death and Resurrection of Mōrk.
This first half of the band’s second album is a collection of five songs dark in tone that all examine painfully vulnerable sides of our experience: doubt, fear, loss, isolation, pain, illness, death and fear thereof. Facing these themes not only helped the band to heal and better understand themselves but also revealed unexpected beauty to be found in this uncomfortable corner of our psyche.
In spring 2019 Mörk returned to their more joyful and playful side releasing the second half of their second album “The Death and Resurrection of Mörk”. (Release date was: 21st of April)
The 2019 spring German release tour included shows at Berlin, Hamburg and an opening slot for Jamie Culllum in Leipzig organized by Wizard Promotions.
After a busy summer with headline shows at Sziget Festival (HU), Valley of Arts (HU), Bánki Tó Festival (HU) Edison Festival (PL) and Awake Festival (RO) Mörk is returning to REEPERBAHN Festival in Hamburg, then heading on to Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik.

Web: www.upmusicbudapest.com
Behind the scenes stuff and awesome mushroom soups form the backstage:
The Essential Teachings of the Mörk:
spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7avU36nx8drx51Z9Sysphs

2016 June - You are Free to Choose LP
2018 January - SuperSize Live Sessions EP
2018 October 31 - The Death of Mörk EP
2019 April 21 - The Resurrection of Mörk EP

Important dates:
2016 June – First album – „You are free to choose”
2016 September - Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg - Official Artist
2016 Balcony tv Budapest x 2 performances
2017 January - A38 Budapest - headline show
2017 May - „Nagyszínpad” Main Stage jury’s prize winner (most important talent contest in Hungary)
2017 June - Elb Jazz Hamburg main stage performer
2017 June - Elb Jazz Hamburg aftermoovie music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqfjrBzLYeA
2017 June - Seazone Showcase Festival, Sopot PL official performer
2017 September - Lofats Festival, Vilnius
2018 January - Eurosonic official performer
2018 April - Tallinn Music Week official performer
2018 April - Spring Break official performer
2018 Aug - Intsikurmu Festival, Estonia main stage perfomer
2018 Sept - Waves Vienna selected artist
2018 Oct - Mondo NYC - selected artist
2018 Nov - Ingolstadt Jazz Tage
2018 Nov - Leverkusener Jazztage
2018 Nov - Aalener Jazztage
2018 Nov - Frankfurt, Brotfabrik headline show
2018 Nov - Budapest Showcase Hub selected artist
2019 April 21 - The Death and Resurrection of Mörk album release show A38, Budapest
2019 May 24 - Quasimodo, Berlin, Ger
2019 May 25 - Jazz Cafe, Hamburg Ger
2019 May 30 - Parkbühle, Leipzig Ger with JAMIE CULLUM
2019 June 18 - Müpa Budapest - The Life of Mörk show
2019 Aug 10 - Sziget Festival, HU
2019 September 19 - Reeperbahn Festival, Angie’s
2019 November - Iceland Airwaves