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Who is she Wanjiru Maureen aka [MONRHEA] is an Experimental Producer and Underground DJ from Athi River, Kenya As a self taught DJ/producer, she came to overstand music from her own perspective which naturally drew her to love deep underground electronic music.

She finally found music that understands her; her mind, soul and body. Referenced by her name, Wanjiru, which means for/from black or the dark, gives her a natural ear for dark deep sounds.


[MONRHEA]'s musical interest started in 2013 through the influence of one of the major Kenyan Producers, Jack on the Beat, whom she made her first production with. In the early years, she used to practice production using Fl Studio and Virtual DJ for Deejaying. Early 2017, she decided to take professional route by joining a female support system platform for electronic music scene known as Femme Electronic which gave her a way into the scene. Over the past year, she has worked to make her mark in the Nairobi underground scene which also landed her in the Ugandan underground scene where she has played and currently working on releasing an EP with East African Records (UG), Bad Mambo (KE) and her label [RHEALISTIC] Records.

Music Interest

Studying Management Information Systems in University played a part in luring her into the Electronic Tech world of music.Through her interaction in the Nairobi scene, her DJ and Production style draws inspiration from DJs and Producers such as DJ Raph, whose style is both futuristic and ancient, Insight Soul, who refers to himself as the Universal Soul, Lasta, and Rathod, her favorite Techno DJ, who are all her mentors. At first, she had no clue what electronic music was about until she overstood how the music is made and soon found the unique sound she was seeking.
Growing up, her father’s Lingala collection would always get her onto her feet. Whereas Kenyan Old School Hip-Hop and RnB artists such as E-Sir, Jua Cali, Ukoo Flani, the Ogopa Deejays and Calif Records productions were her favorites. Currently MC Sharon and Dela are her favorite Kenyan Hip-Hop and RnB artists respectively. Internationally, she draws her inspiration from, Erykah Badu, Jay Z, Symbiz, Skaface and Techno Producers, Rebekah and Nicole Maudaber. B-Girl Jojo, Missy Elliot, Ciara and Willdabeast Adams currently draw her interest in blending dance with experimental music, which [MONRHEA] is currently developing.

"I love and can listen to all kinds of music" she says, "but when I want to get into my zone, Techno, Bass and underground Hip-Hop gets me there :)"