KE Athi River/Nairobi – Bass / Drum ’n’ Bass / Techno / Hip Hop / Lounge


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Coming from an intrinsic desire to be different, [MONRHEA] found herself lured to the experimental underground music scene in Kenya.

The self-taught producer and DJ came to overstand music from her own perspective, with the affinity for heavy bass-driven genres referenced by her name Wanjiru which means from the dark. Based in Athi River, she has already achieved a Sondeka Awards nomination in Nairobi for best experimental producer for her first single, under her label Rhealistic Records and Uganda’s East African Records.
The young artist began experimenting in 2017 when she joined a female support system by the name Femme Electronic under Ugandan DJ Racheal. She is highly inspired by Kenyan producers Raph and KMRU who fuse traditional African sounds with contemporary electronic music and draws strength from techno and bass DJs such as Rathod and Lasta. [MONRHEA] can be eclectic by entertaining crowds with rhumba and lingala, old school hip-hop and R&B, soul and a pinch of Kenyan classics. She has slowly been buzzing in the Nairobi underground scene, playing at The Backyard Bar and MUZE club. She has further graced East African electronic music stages such as Temple Nairobi, Africa Nouveau Festival, RISE BLN (Kampala) and Nyege Nyege Festival 2019.

[MONRHEA] uses underground electronic music with the aim of reprogramming and transcending minds. Currently, she is working on her debut EP WA.NJIRU and is on a mission to blend dance with her dark experimental music. She is also gearing up for her performance at Kilifi New Year Festival 2019 to expose audiences to her different bassy sounds.