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Mongooz and the Magnet - Don't Wanna Be Like You OFFICIAL VIDEO
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Mongooz Records
B0e4484fd5d907ead371734fca76f6084a128e1e Elköltöző Single 2018
36b4f16e1987c67c27b4c6e2a0a46ad2d2625a6f Please Be Naked Album 2016
572726 Records DK
7e0e68f53c2a36f5d3ea4f68749ad01b8f58e3cd The Mongooz Juice Single 2015
UP Music Budapest
denes pecsi szabo
UP Music Budapest
denes pecsi szabo
Press Text
- playing Hendrix-Pop - Band consists doctors.

After finishing university they stayed in Hungary and became full time musicians
- Three members are from NORWAY, IRELAND and HUNGARY
- Reeperbahn festival official performer 2016
- Tallinn Music Week official performer 2018
- Zandari Festa, South Korea official performer 2018
- played at all major Hungarian festivals and clubs
- Completed several EU tours in the past two years

A young Norwegian/Irish/Hungarian band that has suddenly captured the heart of the Hungarian music scene.
A few years back a Norwegian and a young man from Ireland moved to the south of Hungary to learn medicine. After teaming up with a local drummer, they formed a threesome that in its first 2 years has already performed in cities and festivals across Hungary, Germany, the UK, Romania and Ireland.
Playing their brand of Hendrix-pop-rock music with a mix of fire and guts, but also some bittersweet honesty, they have been building a following since their establishment in early 2014. To date they have been opening for some of the biggest bands in the country, in front of crowds from 300 to even 10,000, earned regular airplay with last years single 'Number', and will play at the prestigious Sziget Festival (winner of Best Festival Line-Up in Europe in 2015) and Volt Festival (winner of Best European Medium-sized Festival in 2015) this year. With just three musicians on stage, the space is filled with big guitar sounds and a double bass dragged around like a piece of meat. This is topped off with lyrics about emotional journeys and of personal freedom, in a country that has appears to have an interesting relationship with it.
With an international mix of members, and an identity that is simultaneously foreign, but also feels very Hungarian, they have followed a perhaps illogical path - turning their backs on 'safe' careers in medicine, to live instead through music, and with this passion have quickly become one of the fastest growing bands in Hungary.
The band is now starting to hit international showcase festivals and eventually do their first European tour in the fall of 2016 with their newest studio album, and first LP, Please Be Naked. Recorded and produced in Hungary, featuring many local Budapest musicians and packed full of energy!