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Marcus Meya


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Marcus Meya, Orte an denen Marcus bereits gespielt hat: Tresor, Magdalena/Maria, Brunnen 70, Goldener Saal vom Tacheles, Pulp Mansion, Raumklang, RAW...

Marcus Meya grew up in the eastern part of Berlin, in Friedrichshain, back in the days of the 90's when legendary clubs like the Tresor or E-Werk were founded and the techno scene began to establish. After a safe and sound childhood this was also the time when he got more and more interested in music as a youngster- electronic music tourned out to be the most fascinating for him. Marcus first started visiting discos but the cheap happenings and venues left him disappointed and unfulfilled. But as the techno scene opened up gradually for him- Marcus soon was fully engaged and attached to it and bought two turntables and a bunch of vinyl. He developed constantly more knowledge by recording mixes on tape for his friends and soon had his first gig in a public youth club in Berlin Marzahn. By the moment the club reached the emotional climax as an effect of his music mixing he felt called for being a DJ that night. More important clubs like the "Maria am Ufer", "Raumklang", "Pulp Masion", " Tacheles/Goldener Saal" or "Delicious Doughnuts" followed. Marcus now lives and works as a DJ and techno music producer in Berlin.

I played with Artists such as:
Kristin,Sylvie Marks,Westbam,Dr. Motte, Tim Thaler, ED 2000, Lizzara & Tatsch,Jordan, Namito, Hardy Hard, Match Hoffmann, Marcio Kantana, Al-Toxic, Andy Kohlmann, Daniel Dreier, Ralph Ballschuh, Talisman, Daniel Boon Dan Caster, Martin Books, Mike Wall, Ryan Dupree, Superstrobe, Basstronauten, Taktzyklus.....