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Kontradikshn - 027 (Official Video)
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G-2A / Implicit Division
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder 027 Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b273d8d32e58792f01dc425f84c7 Reframing Album 2016
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Reframing Album 2016
Implicit Division
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Tell me why you're so messed up Single 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Memory Dump Single 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Anatomy EP 2014
Implicit Division Production
Ab67616d0000b27361506845bcadfe3970a4b21f Anatomy - EP Single 2014
Implicit Division
No Management
Press Text
KONTRADIKSHN - a group which is characterized as a Slovenian electro-rock machine is providing a unique clog of break-beat, modern electronics and drum'n'bass through (post) punk messages which can sometimes be intimate, sometimes personal and depend solely on the listener.

In its unique way, Kontradikshn mercilessly devours the rock fabric with dark and prominent electronics and effectiveness of the rhythm, that invites on a hypnotic dance also people with less dancing habits.

_ R E V I E W S _

SIGIC.SI - [ Album Review ] - [ Slovenian Music Information Centre ]:
"It is a contrast on why to enjoy life; it is like a super glue that clogs together break-beat, modern electronics and drum'n'bass through (post) punk messages which can sometimes be intimate, sometimes personal and depend solely on the listener."
LINK: http://www.sigic.si/mozgani-na-avtopilotu.html

TERAPIJA.NET [ Album Review ] - [ Croatia ]:
"I don’t say it is a masterpiece, but it’s not far from it! What Kontradikshn did on this debut album are very nice moves for new way of understanding rock. They went straight to the core of the meaning of alternative digging ideas from a lot of genres and merging all together in some kind of post-modernism in a very exciting way like a movie which you watch from the beginning to the end because you like the genre and intro, maybe you get bored in the middle but you are mind-blowed by the end which you did not expected to be like this."
LINK: http://terapija.net/mjuzik.asp?ID=25361

SYNTHBEAT.COM [ Single Review ] - [ USA ]:
"The passionate track is visceral in all the right ways; the tempo is slower than typical dance music; combined with agitated voice and lyrics that demand an answer to the uneasiness and worries of our present age, the effect is unnerving but cathartic. "
LINK: http://www.synthbeat.com/2019/01/16/petar-stojanovic-of-kontradikshn-discusses-new-single-upcoming-album/

RIROCK.HR [ Concert Review - InMusicMENT ] - [ Croatia ]:
"From the first moment they filled the hall with energetic connection of dark electronics and rock. Drum'n'bass rhythms created a somewhat hypnotic atmosphere."
LINK: http://www.rirock.hr/koncert-inmusicment-izvjestaj

MIXETA.NET [ Concert Review - MENT Ljubljana ] - [ Croatia ]:
»Kontradikshn sounds live like a real heavy machinery - at moments I had a trip that the building will fall because it really shook under my feet.«
LINK: https://mixeta.net/2019/02/04/ment-festival-ljubljana-peti-pet/

SYNTHBEAT.COM [ Album Review ] - [ USA ]
"Themes of cynicism are present on the album, but the underlying idea is one of hope, along with the irony you might expect from self-aware artists living in the shadow of political change."
LINK: http://www.synthbeat.com/2017/01/22/slovenias-kontradikshn-hope-pessimism-and-eternal-drama-slovenias-kontradikshn/

METAL JACKET MAGAZINE.COM [ Concert Review ] - [ Croatia ]:
"Electro-rock attraction from Slovenia! With it's drum and base rhythms and hard-core guitars, the trio little by little danced the audience which led to the experience of a true electronic party.
Its strong performance forced into a dance step also people with less dancing habits."
LINK: http://metaljacketmagazine.com/prijatelji-i-publika-memorijalnim-koncertom-odali-pocast-branimiru-vugdeliji/

ROCKLINE.SI [ Album Review ] - [ Slovenia ]:
"Kontradikshn are another important precursors of underground live electronic music in Slovenia"
LINK: http://www.rockline.si/podrobnosti-recenzije/anatomy-ep-7913