Jana Linhares

Live Act Worldmusic Alternative Singer/Songwriter Electronic Indie
Jana Linhares - Worldmusic Alternative Singer/Songwriter Electronic Indie Live Act in Rio de Janeiro

Jana Linhares Short Info

Singer and songwriter who chose for her songs, an electronic soundscape. An wonderful eletric, where machines produces the harmonies, rhythms and all kinds of sounds. From samba to romantic music, through dance. Everything to express Jana's TecnologiAmor (love technology). Accompanied by the collective "Conecta - audiovisual music", complete sound-visual experience.

Past Gigs Jana Linhares

  • 09 | 2014 Rio de Janeiro Lançamento TecnologiAmor
  • 07 | 2014 Rio de Janeiro Pré Lançamento TecnologiAmor

Discography Jana Linhares

  • 2014 TecnologiAmor Album | Fidelio Produções


  • Video Experiencia 1 - Luz del Fue...
  • Video Experiencia 2 - Tempo - Jan...
  • Video Experiencia 3 - Encantament...

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