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Michał Jan x Immortal Onion - Digital Relations | Live

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31 Dec / 2022 Exclusive Archodia Play for Artists packages (no live concert) London, GB
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Immortal Onion
Ab67616d0000b273306e99bf80c9d4539e450076 Ocelot of Salvation | Live in Sopot Album 2019
Ab67616d0000b273b0f556c96b210f509a687494 Agony Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b2737e28b96fb31a0fcc0b30136d Bugaboo Single 2016
Requiem Records
Ab67616d0000b273c6ca4c6331358d3abf821f1b Ocelot of Salvation Album 2017
U Know Me Records
Ab67616d0000b2738dc023b848a499fe45f593aa XD [Experience Design] Album 2020
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Press Text
Immortal Onion have already built a strong position as one of the most interesting, new jazz projects from Poland.

After two well received albums (“Ocelot of Salvation” in 2017 and “XD [Experience Design]” in 2020) we’ve had the pleasure of announcing the new release called “Screens” recorded at the initiative of the saxophonist Michał Jan Ciesielski. - Premiere on April 22nd, 2022

The songs composed by Michał confirm, that jazz electronic fusion can be still fresh and thrilling. The album, where beside Michał, Tomir, Wojtek and Ziemowit, you will find many guest instrumentalists. Thus resulting in a step forward made by the still young musician from TriCity.

"After two very well-received albums the Immortal Onion band still surprises. This time not only with their compositions, but also the arrangements, vivid sound of the saxophone and the length of the album which ends sooner than you would want that. However, I am most excited, that they got out of their formula and invited Michał Jan on saxophone who perfectly complements the ideas of guys from the Immortal Onion. I’m looking forward to what will they bring in the future and in the meantime I highly recommend “Screens” by Michał Jan & Immortal Onion." ~ Hania Rani

“The album called “Screens” is the result of joined forces of Michał Jan Ciesielski and Immortal Onion. Michał - the instrumentalist, composer and producer is backed up by the youngest generation of TriCity improvised music scene. The artistic results of their collaboration appears to be a mixture of nu-jazz, post-rock and modern electronic music but they also venture out exploring modern minimalism or even pop music. The indisputable strength of their music is intelligent, well-balanced combination of modern, post jazz trends: simple yet intriguing compositions, tasteful “lo-fi” production and last but not least pulsating energy consistently blowing up the disturbing, repetitive structures.” ~ Tymon Tymański

“I don’t know how much the musicians from Immortal Onion were inspired by brilliant, recent releases of BadBadNotGood, but I can hear the similar level of awareness and sonic anxiety in their music. For sure I will discover more and more every time I’ll come back to this album. While listening to their music, you can immediately feel the bond they have and the team work - everyone on the album has his own moment, presenting their amazing skills but in the end it all comes together as one, coherent creation” ~ Andrzej Cała