Ignore the Elephant
SE Gothenburg – Indiepop / Pop / Punk / Rock / Indie
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Ignore The Elephant
F2cf883d7f3254aef75586df17d3c4e8b5e91391 Too Beautiful For Me Single 2016
10fd9bf4fd9149ee9f33fc89c07d08fa9614649d Wish I Was Dead Single 2016
D765c64f4776d9501acc97ae5296ce523aa4626a Bruises Single 2016
D18b80781987d5df61c19cbe440471a443ac7637 Wish I Was Dead (Pimpim Remix) Single 2016
2d18b70c5d4cd9879c86a69c79c4115172a0df4c Worthless Single 2015
5251de37edab277076071927872c829c39a45a2c Pride Single 2015
B419ff7eafcabcf428a6bf40878b465bb91e284b Sono Single 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Hymns For The Weary EP 2017
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Bruises Single 2016
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Wish I Was Dead Single 2016
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Too Beautiful For Me Single 2016
Ignore the Elephant
88a5fd30dec493864a1fbf31c12187897da6487d Told You So Single 2018
A2ddaf97f4bf9608fc3f20080ab7b67ce3e38375 Animal Single 2018
3a3f93ea236faf96d854ce3c0bd15833bdbc1b8e Hymns For The Weary Single 2017
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Press Text
Sometimes, emotional arena rock does not have to be difficult at all.

With a few doses of The Killers, some single spices The National and well-planned pop melodies, Ignore the Elephant delivers an enjoyable moment wherever they appear. Since the beginning of 2013, Ignore the Elephant has made a name on the Swedish underground scene.

After several successes on some of Sweden's most legendary club scenes and a bunch of places in the area such as Partille Arena, the band released "Hymns For The Weary" in spring 2017, a self-produced EP with six songs where all the feelings from the darkest dark to the happiest of days will take place.The lead single "Someone Like You" has been streamed over 50,000 times on Spotify. "Overall, it's an EP where the production of music really speaks to the listener. And the band name is the best in a very long time." - Gaffa.

This is just the beginning of Ignore the Elephant. The band's machinery never stands still, and they are currently working on new material and new projects that will show you what band you should look for in the future. Be sure to become part of the magical journey!