I Love You Honey Bunny
CZ Praha – Indie / Alternative / Indiepop / Pop / Britpop
I Love You Honey Bunny


I Love You Honey Bunny - Lazer Queen (Official Video)
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614728 Records DK
0873bd62b787f507ee56a33b3e2a25c70eb3835a Yellow and Blue Single 2016
0873bd62b787f507ee56a33b3e2a25c70eb3835a Knees (Live Acoustic) Single 2016
Ab67616d0000b273be54e896592aa2908a0bb20e Introduction Single 2016
0873bd62b787f507ee56a33b3e2a25c70eb3835a Go Little Go (Remix) Single 2016
Ab67616d0000b273761b8f171a39d0d955b13f71 Go Little Go Single 2016
Ab67616d0000b2737d32cc154f88c231bfad5856 Friends Don't Lie Single 2016
Ab67616d0000b2733b095462ecdc41c30c1a21b2 Another One Single 2016
I Love You Honey Bunny
D6b710c7adc61c04e33cc349c76dd5e6954945fa Cosmic Background Radiation Album 2018
Rock for People
David Nguyen
Rock for People
David Nguyen
Premysl Stepanek
Press Text
I Love You Honey Bunny is an indie-pop-rock band from Prague, Czech republic.

They combine their energetic music with a tasteful touch of electronic elements. Their performance erupts in fireworks and supernovas. You say you have never read a physics paper? No worries, they will walk you through the essentials of the laws of the universe. Their songs also often reflect contemporary social and political issues that are deemed important by their generation. The charismatic quartet from Prague has already toured central Europe, played a transatlantic tour in Canada and major festivals such as Sziget, Rock For People or Colours of Ostrava.

Their highly-anticipated debut album “Cosmic Background Radiation” was released in October 2018 after the band’s five-year existence and five singles. Cosmic Background Radiation was produced by Dušan & Tomáš Neuwerth, the renowned Czech producers. The release of the album was also accompanied by the release of an apocalyptic-themed music video for their hit “Lazer Queen”.

In spring 2019 I Love You Honey Bunny released a unique VR live video filmed with the state of the art technology. It is not only an invitation to enter the privacy of their practice room but also an intimate insight into magical moments of music creation.

Some people fancy their live sound and cheeky stage presence, others enjoy their originality within the Czech Republic. If you like striking melodies and a lot of energy, I Love You Honey Bunny are the right choice for you.

MORE INFO: www.iloveyouhoneybunny.cz/presskit