Registration & account

How do I create an account on gigmit?

You just need to register on gigmit right here.

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Is it for free?

You can use gigmit for free but you have limited access to certain features. This is what you can do for free:

  • Register
  • Setting up the account...
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How is my data used and protected?

Anything you enter into will only be used for internal purposes according to our terms & conditions. We won't hand out your information to...

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I'm not the person responsible for the profile anymore. What to do?

The authorization has changed and you want to hand over the profile administration to another gigmit user? In this case please do not delete the profile...

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What is the difference between an account and a profile?

Either if you are a promoter or an artists, you create your account and your first profile when you sign up on gigmit.

Through your account you can...

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I didn’t receive the confirmation mail. What now?

After registration you'll receive an automatically generated email asking you to confirm your account. The email comes with a link button "confirm registration...

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How do I delete my account?

Here you find where to delete your account and not the profile for your band or company – your personal account! Please be warned that we...

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How can I change my gigmit URL?

You can change your URL in your profile settings right here.

Just change the link to your gigmit page by editing the URL … with your individual...

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