Haiku Garden
SI Ljubljana – Noisepop / Shoegaze / Noise Rock / Dream Pop / Psychedelia
Haiku Garden


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KAPA Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Where If Not Now Album 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Waver EP 2016
Haiku Garden
1fc62092bccbdaa99692ddf52c42bb20fe7262f4 Where If Not Now Album 2018
Kapa Records
378a9350f1c36dbfda3de8d2db74715f1cc6c577 Waver Single 2016
Cereal Booking
Lucija Ivsic
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Press Text
Haiku Garden is a band of four young dudes from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

They play noisy, guitar-driven music, interlaced with poppy vocal harmonies. Shoegaze, dreampop, neo-psych and noise rock are all thrown into the equation. During performances, the band is draped in visuals (courtesy of 5th member Kristina), which makes the experience even more mind altering.

Their first tour called 'Klubski maraton' (organized by Radio Student) saw them playing across Slovenian clubs in Autumn 2015. After that, they retreated to their practice space, where they self-recorded and mixed their debut EP Waver. It was released on KAPA Records in May of 2016 and they've been playing shows at home and abroad constantly since.

In 2017 they played at Ljubljana's showcase festival MENT as well as the city's renowned venue Kino Siska twice: once supporting Canadian krautrock band SUUNS and the second time they opened for none other than shoegaze legends The Jesus And Mary Chain. Their song 'Rosetta' was featured on Seattle's KEXP radio station on the 'Song Of The Day' podcast on 6th March 2017. They also traveled lots of miles abroad, wreaking havoc on stages in Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czechia, Poland, Lithuania and even Moscow, Russia, where they played two shows at Moscow Music Week in September.