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Gramofone Records
4cc975162eeabb5ed67389936a0599074d741bd1 Heart & Soul Single 2019
Eca2e81badc1f1869c2c2f1ae7101d3b15a68d42 Confessions from the Belly of the Beast Album 2018
Ec4903e1e584ffff168eb1db2a8770c0e1c96441 Mr. Government Single 2018
A7cfd763a2b3ead885b49d6d62dd9c331468aabb In Line Single 2017
9e08539bae7163f2061540eeba0f730757d8cfc4 Meat Single 2017
Edc6e6321cc84118ad2b73d0482359cf5c2ce9a6 A Rainy Day EP Single 2017
5ef90a1335e7681188c9bd36af5e10ce5eb7d640 Seduced Single 2017
C5266b1cae84faf729ced2f6439a2e7d6e90dcc9 Wonderland Single 2016
1ec5243559912da5c6aa377ba14f41da6841872c No Distractions Single 2016
A1be034bd2f49ce330bf11c9313c9b6515ebd3b0 Intervention Single 2013
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Press Text
We started our journey in 2017 with the release of our album “Confessions from the Belly of the Beast”.

The album together with our most recent singles (Mr. Government and Heart & Soul) talk about the modern dystopia and its realities, focusing on the universal struggles of the modern man.

More simply put:

“I’m smart and I’m in control”

Because we’ve all faced the fear of being just another face in the crowd, the mechanic & purposeless work that we do every day from 9 to 5, the impact of mass media, the propaganda we face and last but not least the understanding that we’re only partially in control of our lives.

And at one point you realize that:

“I don’t like smothering my urges just to get my cut”

We need to make our voices heard, to give people a wake-up call, to give them the music for their heart & soul, not neglecting the essence of the message which transpires with every lyric.

Let’s bring meaningfulness back to the music we listen because this is no longer just about the beat.

This is Gramofone.

Andrei Mardar (voice), Tibi Ionescu (base), Cristi Nicoara (drums), Vlad Dumitrescu (guitar) and Paul Drăgușin (piano)