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Glasshous - Easy Listening Pop Hip Hop electropop UK House Live Act in Vilnius

Glasshous Short Info

Young collective based on 3 artists sharing a concept of electronica//dance/jazz music etc. Coming from a different musical backgrounds, however, being tolerant to each other. This is the key to a unique Glasshous sound,which is infused with a combination of different musical genres.
Each band member is a chain to success, and is responsible for a major part in a project.
MuZa Magda - Main vox, lyrics, music ideas, (mother ;D).
Edgar (eddy) Koldaras - vox, keys, synths, lyrics, music ideas, production.
Artiom (artee) Penkevicius - vox, electronics, leads, beatmaker, dj, music production.

Discography Glasshous

  • 2015 Perfection EP | Independence


  • Video Glasshous - Erasing You
  • Video Glasshous - Perfection
  • Video Glasshous x ComaDeer - Beat...
  • Video Glasshous - Hold On, We're ...

Fan Radar

1,735 Fans
5,317 Plays


  • Vilnius LT


  • 2014


  • Muza Magda Vocals
  • Eddy Vocals, music production, synth player
  • Artee Vocals, music production, mixing, mastering

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