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Westway Lab Festival is Portugal's first showcase festival, featuring a PRO conference and artistic residencies yielding unique performances. The 4-day festival takes place in Guimarães, Portugal's birthplace city, in the amazing Vila Flor Cultural Centre (CCVF) as well as other venues. Westway Lab Festival, the first PRO music event in Portugal, and the first to join the ETEP network (European Talent Exchange Programme) actively promotes new Portuguese music abroad.

Westway Lab announces its 5th edition for April 11-14th 2018 in Guimarães. The artistic residencies take place at the Centro de Criação de Candoso (CCC) in Guimarães, starting a week before the festival. This showcase open call is your chance to introduce your music to Portugal, a country of music lovers with a blossoming Summer Festival circuit. The Festival showcases are generally either well-attended free gigs or sold out in advance, and both the public and the registered PRO delegates attend the showcases.

After affirming its pro-active stance in the internationalization of Portuguese new music, through the PRO conferences, the international artistic residencies and showcase concerts, Westway Lab now turns to film as its newest component, positioning itself firmly facing West - looking beyond Europe and to the Americas for 2018!

More information on westwaylabfestival.com.

Past performers: Blaudzun; Young Karin; Fabrizio Cammarata; N´toko; Nástio Mosquito; Sensible Soccers; Noiserv; Blaudzun; Mr. Herbert Quain; PAUS; The Membranes; My Baby; The Membranes + BJazz (Convívio Jazz Choir); Filho da Mãe; MY BABY; PAUS; Rui Maia; Quest + Orquestra de Guimarães; Lince; Buslav; You Can't Win, Chalie Brown; :Papercutz; Yuma Sun; XIXA; We Trust; Clã; Nástio Mosquito; peixe : avião; N´toko.

Previous showcase artists: Adée; Ohrn; Joel Sarakula; Cristóvam; Maybe Canada; The Jooles; Serushiô; Vienna Ditto; Ivan & The Parazol; Young Karin ; Fabrizio Cammarata; Suzie Stapleton; Sleepwalker´s Station; Fortnight in Florida; Sarah P..

Previous artists in residence: Jaran; Yafeni; Buslav; Urso Bardo; The Courettes; Nick Suave; Guillermo de Llera Blanes; Júnior; Pedro Coquenão; Ivan & The Parazol; Rui Souza; Seru (Sérgio Silva); Pedro Lucas; We bless this mess (Nélson Reis); Sarah P. + Owen Howells; Dede; Bowrain; Young Karin; Kid Simius; Fabrizio Cammarata; Guillermo de Llera (Primitive Reason); Rafa (The Glockenwise); Victor Hugo (Moonshiners); Pedro Oliveira (Dear Telephone / peixe : avião); André Simão (Dear Telefone / La La La Ressonance); PZ; José Figueiredo (Smix Smox Smux / peixe : avião); Hermigervill; Ghost Capsules; Cairo Liberation Front; Guillermo de Llera; Coldair; The Weatherman.