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1. All musical projects both from the Balearic Islands and elsewhere may apply. Bands or soloists included in any of Fira B!'s previous editions must have a new album released after the year in which they played at Fira B! In order to achieve Fira B!’s goal of making the musical creation of the Balearic Islands known worldwide, the programme will feature at least 70% of artists from the Balearic Islands. This percentage is subject to the selecting committe's discretion.
2. Showcases including original works by composers from the Balearic Islands will be highly valued. Applicants must have at least an album published in physical format or on Spotify or iTunes and available audio and/or audiovisual material. Furthermore, they must have performed live at least five times in the previous year.
3. All musical genres may be submitted (pop, rock, jazz, classical, electronica, etc.). The bands should be tour-ready.
4. The official programme will feature 30-minutes showcases. All selected bands must adapt to the most suitable format, depending on the date, slot and location for the show, and also taking into account the full programme. Fira B! will allocate venues according to artistic criteria and availability. There will be activities only for professionals, where speed meetings, presentations and networking events will take place; these will be available for all professionals attending Fira B!.
5. All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the organisers, and then the proposals will be sent to a selecting committee made up of experts in the different genres. Said committee will carry out the selection according to the following criteria:
• Technical and artistic quality, innovation, uniqueness and other singular traits of the show.
• Outreach potential in Spain and abroad.
• Availability to tour.
• The applicant’s artistic career.

6. Applications may be submitted from 4 March to 4 April 2019.
7. The artists selected in the official programme will receive a fee that will be calculated based on the number of production participants (artists and 1 sound engineer): € 150 per person. For those artists from the Balearic Islands who need to travel to Ibiza, the organization will cover the cost of travel and two nights of accommodation. For artists from outside the Balearic Islands, the organization offers a travel grant of up to € 200 per person (all taxes included), and a night's accommodation. These amounts will only be available to artists who do not have the support of an institution for this concept.
8. Fira B!’s technical coordinators reserve the right to adapt technical riders to venues, based on the venue’s schedule and the full programme.
9. All artists featured in the programme will sign a letter of intent, in which they confirm their participation in Fira B! within a month of the artistic selection being announced.
10. The artistic selection will be available on the websites www.iebalearics.org and www.firab.org.
111. All artists featured in the programme authorise photographies and video recording of their performances at Fira B! for broadcasting purposes, both in the media and social networks, as well as for archive purposes.