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Airbnb Concerts - Hidden Concert at Vegan Barkett
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Konzert am 18.10.2018 in Berlin , DE

Für das Airbnb Concerts - Hidden Concert at Vegan Barkett werden Bands aus allen Genres gesucht.

Airbnb Concerts offers music fans a range of intimate, bespoke live music events in unconventional venues, ranging from recording studios to cathedrals to wine cellars.

The Airbnb Concerts experience stands "in stark contrast to being at a music festival with 100,000 people and being 5,000ft back, just staring at a big 50ft screen. That's not a connection. That's not what attracted you or I to music and that's not what attracted the artist to music, At the average Airbnb concert, there's over 10 different cities represented in a room, which is subtle, but really powerful for local artists that maybe don't have the following to start touring or take that financial risk. It's almost flipping touring on its head,"

About your host, Frank
My journey in music has been a lifetime. As a music connoisseur, DJ and film director, I am deeply connected to music, for me an experience of each song or artist is always new. I want to share quality music and give exposure to valuable musicians for a distinct experience that will stay with each audience member long after the performance.

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